What is Good Karma and How To Get It

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Last updated on: 05/09/2018
Good karma is all about the actions you take being balanced by what you get back

Many texts explore the origins of karma, citing ancient Vedic or Buddhist beliefs. Consider however what karma means and it is easy to see why the underlying concept is actually one which people from all cultures and religions will have understood and embraced throughout the history of mankind. Even one of science's most deeply accepted laws, Sir Isaac Newton's law of equal and opposite reaction, is karma in action.

“What goes around comes around” 

Karma refers to the fundamental principle that the actions we take in life are inextricably connected to what we get back out of it. When you take a moment to consider this, this concept is not only very powerful but plain common sense too. 


Good karma vs Bad karma 

Be decent in life and good will come to you. Be unpleasant and, in the long run, life will probably be unkind to you too. 

As often in life, the greatest things are ingeniously simple. 


Karma and Stress

We all know a good real massage massage can help reduce stress and anxiety. Massage therapists who consider their career their true vocation in life are often are easy going and happy people. Perhaps this is one example of karma at work, feeding back happiness to those that bring happiness to others through their touch and empathy. 

Even more effective at reducing stress than a good massage is finding happiness and calm within yourself. Give good karma a go. Doing something nice makes most of us feel happier. And when we feel happier, lots of good things go on inside our bodies. Genuine chemical reactions take place which adjust the balance of good hormones which work against stress causing hormones. 


Karma quotes

Most of us naturally want to live better lives. Understanding and focusing on the concept of karma can be a motivator to live a morally better life. If we remember that everything we do will have a corresponding consequence on our own life in the future, this can help shape our own deeds into better ones. People often use positive karma quotes to inspire themselves or those around them. 

Been treated unfairly? “The best revenge is always to move on and let karma do the rest!”

Wondering why the world always seems to be against you? “Some people create their own storms and then get mad when it pours.” 

Can’t decide how to act towards someone? “There is no menu of life. You will get served what you deserve” 


Karma tattoos 

One of the most popular tattoos, especially amongst massage therapists who want to have a small discreet tattoo, is a karma symbol. Most people who choose a karma design so that they are constantly reminded of this simple but highly effective central aspect of morality and life. 

There are several symbols that represent karma but almost all of them have no beginning or end in the design. This represents the fact that karma continues eternally. Tattoos are of course also permanent. The two seem to have a natural affiliation with each other!
Karma symbol - often used for tattoos



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