Naked Facts: What To Wear While Getting A Massage

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Last updated on: 07/10/2023
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The Massage Wardrobe Spectrum

Ever wondered how many clothes to take off for a massage? Whether you feel more comfortable in your birthday suit or prefer to stay covered from head to toe, it's natural to have such questions.

  1. Stay Fully Clothed: Shielded and snug
  2. Get Partially Undressed: Best of both worlds
  3. Go All Natural: Pure, uninterrupted bliss 

The tips and rules set out here apply equally well to a treatment at your local beauty salon, spa or gym as they do to a mobile massage received at home or in your hotel room.



Staying Fully Clothed

Fully clothed massage options like Thai and Shiatsu.

Wondering what to wear at a massage that doesn't need you shedding layers? Try treatment styles like dry Thai Massage or Shiatsu that don't require any application of oil. These massages focus on pressure points and stretching, rather than long strokes along the skin, so your clothes won't interfere and there's no need for lubrication. 

Tip: Go for breathable outfits. Natural fibres like cotton or linen allow for easy movement and ensure you remain comfy throughout. Avoid man made materials like polyester as these can cause you to overheat. 



Walking the Middle Path: Partially Undressed

Partial undress for a foot massage.

Want to lose some layers but keep it modest? You have many options! For foot massages, we suggest you remove your socks. With targeted therapy for sprains and strains, such as deep tissue sports massage or physiotherapy, you only need to undress the specific area being worked on. If you fancy a full-body oil based treatment like Swedish massage, wearing underwear is perfectly fine.

Not keen on baring your feet but happy to expose your back? No worries. It's absolutely fine to keep your socks on, whether getting a full-body session or even foot massage. Just let your therapist know your comfort zone and they'll work around those needs.

Tip: Going for an oil based massage only partially undressed? Bear in mind that your remaining clothes may get oily, so choose fabrics wisely and avoid precious garments like silk.

If you want your therapist to avoid certain areas altogether, then just let them know in advance of your treatment starting. For bookings with us, you can use our online 'FocusMate' feature to exclude any body parts during the online appointment booking process.



Embracing the All-Natural

Woman naked under towel: What to wear for optimal relaxation

For full immersion in treatments like Hawaiian Lomi Lomi or classic Swedish massage, shedding all barriers, even cotton ones, can really elevate the whole experience. If you prefer to go completely natural, that's perfectly fine. 

Tip: If you choose to go naked, rest assured that professional massage therapists will maintain the utmost professionalism, using precise draping techniques to ensure your modesty and protect their own professionalism.



Additional Tips on What to Wear and Prepare for a Massage

Towels always form part of massage.

Towel Technique

Whatever you choose to wear (or not wear), you're in safe hands with a professional massage therapist who will have been trained in draping technique. It's all about keeping you covered, warm, and comfortable whilst allowing your therapist easy access to the parts of your body being worked on. Done right, the art of towel draping can even boost your relaxation.

 For an extra cosy touch, toss your towels into the dryer as your therapist sets up. They'll be toasty warm when your session starts.

Gender-specific wardrobe choices for massage."

Should Women Take Off The Bra For A Massage?

If you're planning on a partially undressed massage, the choice to wear a bra or not is completely up to you, as is the option for a g-string. Towels will be used to keep you comfortably draped throughout your session.


Considerations for Men: To Wear Briefs or Not?

If you choose to be partially undressed for your massage, briefs or hipsters are often more practical than loose boxers, especially for treatments that involve broad strokes. It's worth noting that many therapists find it most practical for full-body massages when the client is completely nude. In either case, towels will be used to ensure your comfort and modesty, so choose what makes you most at ease.


Finding Your Changing Space

Whether you're at a spa, in the comfort of your home, or staying at a hotel, rest assured you can change in a private space. For mobile massages, select an area where you're most at ease for changing before and after the session. If there's only one room available, your therapist will be more than willing to step out briefly to give you the privacy you need.


To Shower or Not to Shower?

Ah, the massage shower debate! A warm rinse can open your pores and set your muscles at ease, prepping you for ultimate relaxation. After your session, you might want to hit the shower again to wash off any lingering oils — your clothes will thank you later!


To Shave or Not to Shave?

Worried your forest of leg hair might scare your therapist? Don't be! Shaving is entirely optional. If you're prone to irritation, maybe give the razor a miss. Your massage therapist has seen it all and is a pro at navigating all types of terrain.


Footwear Considerations

Slip-ons or flip-flops are your best mates here. They're easy to kick off pre-massage and slip back on post-session, especially handy if you're a bit slippery from oils or lotions. 


Jewellery and Accessories

Bling may be your thing, but it's best to remove any jewels and watches and leave them somewhere safe. Necklaces can tangle and earrings can poke. Not to mention, you don't want your favourite bracelet getting a coating of massage oil. Keep it simple and enjoy fuss-free relaxation.



Final Thoughts

Every massage is a journey, and what you wear or not is an important part of that. Whether you're wondering what to wear during a massage or simply looking for tips to enhance the experience, always remember it's about your comfort and relaxation. After all, it's your moment of zen, and you should enjoy it just the way you like!


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