Why You Should Spend Valentine’s Day At Home

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Last updated on: 06/02/2019
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Love it or loath it, Valentine’s Day will arrive on 14 February along with all the commercial fanfare that precedes it. For many, this usually means a whole lot of stress and anxiety rather than the love and happiness with which it is associated. 

Whilst retailers and restaurateurs are as keen as ever to suggest that you will forever be lost in solitary alienation unless you shower your love interest with enticing gifts and expensive meals, recent research has suggested something quite different.

Apparently, you are much more likely to succeed in those amorous ambitions by focusing less on materialism and instead marking Valentine’s Day by being more attentive, mindful and spiritual towards that special person. Follow the guide below to improve your chances of scoring this Valentine’s Day.


Pause On-Demand For A Day

As one of the first companies in London to offer same day on-demand mobile massage services (since way back in 2009), we know only too well how often Londoners find themselves requesting deliveries of services and goods at the very last minute.

You might of course decide to wait until Valentine’s Day evening and then use our highly popular Massage Me Now service to order a couples massage delivered to your doorstep in as little as 60 minutes. While you are waiting for your masseuse to arrive you can even find same evening table availability at a nearby restaurant with TablePouncer and even get there in a flash by summoning Uber when you are ready. 

However, none of that rings the bells of romance, so we suggest you don’t.

Whether on-demand services rule your days because of hectic work commitments or just form part and parcel of fast-paced living in the city, try to make an exception for Valentine’s Day. 

Employ a little forward planning. You will likely earn extra brownie points for caring enough to prepare in advance as opposed to leaving it to the last moment.


Non-Materialistic Gift Ideas

Rather than focusing your gift hunt on physical items, spend some time at home identifying non-material aspects of life that make that special person tick.

What kind of music makes them smile? Compile a playlist in advance and leave it playing in the background on Valentine’s Day without mentioning it. Let is gradually dawn that the atmosphere has been specially prepared with them in mind.

Which topics are they most passionate about? If they love to talk, do some research and strike up some informed conversations on the same subjects. Or, if they are more of a listener, then swot up and tell an interesting story about something they genuinely care about.

Do one of you enjoy a massage at home from a professional masseuse? Spend some time to learn some massage techniques and on Valentine's Day offer your loved one a relaxing romantic massage at home delivered by you instead.

If there are little differences between the two of you, use these to your advantage on Valentine’s Day. If you love a warm room whereas they prefer it cooler, turn the heating down a bit on Valentine’s Day and wear a jumper instead. Never understood how they can enjoy a chip butty so much? Make one for each of you and look extra pleased as you eat yours while they tuck into theirs.

Several hours spent preparing some of the above could reap you better long-term romantic rewards than hours online browsing Amazon or trudging down Bond Street desperately seeking suitable presents.

Make Valentine’s a dreamy, abstract affair. That’s what love is after all.



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