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Massage Me Now: Instant Relaxation On-Demand

When you need a massage right away, trust us to deliver a professional experience tailored to your needs, without delay!

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Whenever we need to relax and unwind, we just think, "Who can massage me right now?"

If you're in London and need a professional massage as soon as possible, try our Massage Me Now service to connect with top local therapists who can visit you within the next hour.

Relaxing massage at home in London. Book your Massage Me Now service.

Our live, dynamically updated system ensures you always see immediate and accurate real-time availability.

Whether you're after a soothing Swedish massage or a therapeutic deep tissue session, we have therapists ready to deliver the treatment you need today.

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Use Massage Me Now for an Immediate Therapist in London

Find and book your ideal therapist in minutes, and enjoy a massage at your convenience - your massage, your choice. 

Whether it's in your chosen location, for your preferred duration, at a moment that suits you best, with massage therapists that you choose, in the style you love, focusing on the areas you need most – we make it all about you!

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You can either select a specific date and time using our easy-to-navigate calendar, or simply click our Massage Me Now button (shown above) for an immediate mobile massage therapist. Clicking the button will dynamically filter all available options to show only those therapists who can visit you within the next hour.

For example, if you click 'Massage Me Now' at 9:18am, the system will display all therapists who can be at your London home or hotel by 10:18am!

Bear in mind that we can only reserve your ASAP slot for 5 minutes, but that should give you plenty of time to complete your booking.

Whether you’re looking for a professional massage in London or need a therapist to come to you immediately, our platform ensures you find a therapist promptly and conveniently.

For more help on our online massage booking system, check out our Massage Booking Guide.

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Common Questions

Where to get a massage near me?

Go to our Home Page and click the 'Find Therapists Near Me' link to discover your local providers and book your next massage session!!


Can I book a foot massage to be brought to me?

Our mobile foot massage therapists are available all over London! Relax and revive with a massage for your feet here.


Where can I get a back massage near me?

Getting a back massage in London is one of the most sought after requests. Find out which of our wide range of massage services, from Thai stretches or sports massage to deep tissue massage therapy is most appropriate for your back pain.


Are your providers independent massage therapists?

Yes, all our therapists are self-employed and thoroughly vetted by us in various massage techniques!


Can you give me a massage?

Are you in London? Then we certainly can! Just enter your postcode to get your relaxing massage in London delivered today!


How do I know I'll like your massages?

You won't just like them, you'll be saying "LOVE IT" after your session! Explore why on our We Love Massage page or skip the reading and book your session now to experience it for yourself!

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