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Get a spa-quality mobile massage across Clapham, from Clapham Junction to Clapham Town and Clapham South. Our professional massage therapists have been delivering exceptional wellness treatments direct to homes in your area since 2011.

We're experts in a wide range of treatment types, from deep tissue massage to full body Thai massage sessions. Improve your health with a dose of our physical and mental feel-good therapy at home, delivered with skill and empathy!

Our mobile therapists will create a personalised massage just for you, whether you need to ease muscle discomfort or simply relax, and save you the hassle of travel.

Let our local Clapham massage therapists release knots, reduce stiffness and fix back pain with their spa level body treatments at your home today. The same team also covers nearby locations such as Battersea and Wandsworth.

A Clapham massage therapist arriving at client's home to perform a deep tissue massage.


Local resident receiving a home visit sports massage in Clapham, SW4

Our Clapham massage therapist team is available seven days a week from 09:00 to 22:00, so we can visit you when it's most convenient for you. Just book in advance if you want your favourite therapist!

Choose our popular 90-minute treatment and get £10 OFF by using your special Clapham resident discount code at checkout: SW4-10

The Massage Rooms in Clapham team recommends you create a quiet sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of Clapham Junction before your at-home massage session. Just light some candles, dim the lights and play some soft music to transport yourself from the busy surroundings to a world of relaxation during your full body massage treatment.


Discover our top local therapists who specialise in various treatments, conveniently located in or near Clapham. Meet this month's most popular choices:

Kathy, A Leading Massage Therapist in Clapham Junction


Clapham Mobile Massage Therapist

Elena, a highly rated mobile massage therapist from Clapham Common


Clapham Mobile Massage Therapist

Miwa, a popular SW4 massage therapist


Clapham Mobile Massage Therapist


Rated Outstanding 5-star-reviews-icon

Average rating 4.96/5.00 from 724 reviews

David B

Melinda was super lovely friendly lady with a great firm but consistent technique thanks to you all x


I booked Mahe recently for the first time and she did a combination of ayurvedic and classic. It was really relaxing and I was glad I'd booked her. She used some interesting techniques I'd not had b...


Just had a massage from Domi, who has the most amazing soft hands, knowing touch and warm, friendly personality. Thoroughly enjoyed my massage and will be using her again next time. :super:


From the bustling shops and cafes of Clapham Junction to the tranquil greens of Clapham Common and the stylish corners of Clapham Town and Clapham South, SW4 is a sanctuary of wellness! The first half of your day might be spent in an energetic yoga class or sampling organic treats from a local health focused eatery. As day turns to evening, what better way to unwind than with a tailored mobile massage in the comfort of your own home? In an area that perfectly marries urban excitement with opportunities for relaxation, our on-demand massage services fit seamlessly into Clapham's wellness culture, allowing you to soak up its varied offerings while ending your day in the most serene way possible.

Discover our wide range of massages in Clapham, from a rejuvenating Indian Head Massage to the most popular traditional Thai Massage. Our rates start at just £59 for a 60-minute session at home and you can use your local resident discount code in the Tips section above to get our 90-minute session for only £70.


Frequently Asked Questions by Clapham Residents


What should I wear for my massage?

In a sentence (for your busy people in Clapham Junction): Get undressed for oil massages and wear loose clothing for traditional Thai massage. For more details check our detailed guide about what to wear during massage therapy


Can you reach me outside of Clapham?

Yep! Just input your postcode at the top of this page to find your closest therapist in London. We cover all of the area from Clapham Town to Clapham South and of course the popular Clapham Junction and Common areas.


How often do locals get massaged?

Healthy clients typically book every six months. Park loving Clapham Common residents, go treat yourselves!


What type of massage should I choose?

From tension relief to pain management, we offer a variety. Discover all treatments: on our Treatments page.


How long is a typical session?

Most Clapham clients prefer 90-minute sessions as this is the perfect duration for a relaxing therapeutic full body massage.


How much space is needed?

Minimal!  Our local therapists are from nearby and know the SW4 postcode area well. So we adapt to your space, no matter how tight!


Are Thai massages available?

Absolutely! In fact our home visit Thai massages are a real hit, particularly with people around Clapham Junction.


What about relaxation massages?

Perfect for winding down after a busy week and especially popular with our Clapham Town customers, we offer relaxation therapy as part of our holistic package of wellness!



So wherever you are in Clapham, from the Landor Theatre to the Clapham Picturehouse, our dedicated team of local massage therapists is available and nearby every day of the week, just waiting to bring you exceptional therapies on-demand. We're just a few clicks away ... and in an hour from now, we could turn your space into your personal sanctuary of relaxation.


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