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Want a luxurious home massage in Cricklewood? Our team of highly skilled mobile massage therapists in NW2 is on hand to deliver exceptional therapy directly to you. We've been massaging clients better, in the comfort of their own homes and hotel rooms, across the NW2 area, with top-rated massage treatments since 2013.

With expertise in a wide range of massage therapy types and techniques, from Thai massage using petrissage to full-body relaxing massage therapy with trigger point therapy, our therapists bring a harmonious fusion of skill and empathy to each session. Improve the health with a dose of physical and mental feel-good therapy!

Indulge with our tailored-for-you massage in Cricklewood, aimed to rejuvenate your senses. Our mobile therapists will travel to you, allowing you to care for your body and mind without the hassle of travel.

Cricklewood's massage therapists bring the spa to you, offering salon-standard relaxation and body treatments to relieve back pain, knots, and stiffness. 

A nearby massage therapist in Cricklewood visiting their client to perform a deep tissue massage.


Customer receiving Swedish massage at home in Cricklewood, NW2

Our massage therapists are available seven days a week in Cricklewood from 09:00 to 21:30. Our local team can visit you at your convenience, whether you're working from home or returning from work. Booking in advance increases your chances of getting your favourite therapist!

Our prices for professional massages in Cricklewood are a gentle touch to your finances! Choose our popular 90-minute duration and get £10 OFF by using your special discount code NW2-10 during checkout.

Compose a relaxing scene that aligns with the different massage techniques provided by The Massage Rooms in Cricklewood.

Begin your full body massage on a clean note by taking a shower before the therapist's arrival.


Our local massage team comprises a number of therapists based near to the Cricklewood area. In the last 6 months the most popular therapists in your area were:


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Average rating 4.96/5.00 from 724 reviews


I just had the best massage ever with TUNDE. She is very professional and friendly. The 2 hours passed so quickly! I felt so refreshed...I highly recommend TUNDE.


I recently had a great treatment from Orsi. This was the first time I've used her. She did a combination of classic and Lomi Lomi style. It was firmer in places where needed. I would recommend her as...


Helen has got to be one of *the* best massage therapist in London. Her technique is excellent and she is very thorough at reaching the aches and pains and easing away the knots and the stress. A tip i...


Cricklewood (NW2) offers a wellness environment that reflects its diverse and growing community. Community wellness initiatives, multicultural fitness programs, and locally-owned wellness centres cater to a wide range of interests and backgrounds. The wellness culture emphasises inclusivity, affordability, and community engagement. Outdoor spaces and parks enhance wellness offerings, providing opportunities for group activities and relaxation. Cricklewood's approach to wellness prioritises community connection, diversity, and accessibility, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for health and well-being.


We offer a wide range of massage therapies in Cricklewood from Swedish to Reflexology Foot massages. Our prices start at just £59 for a 60-min home or hotel visit to £110 for our opulent two hour treat. Our most popular 90-min session is only £70 if you use the local discount code on this page! This month, the most requested types across the Barnet district were:



What should I wear during my session?

The answer depends on you and the massage style you've selected. For example, a full body massage with oil is best performed with the client undressed and draped with a towel, whereas Asian massage therapy, might only need loose clothing. We've written a separate article discussing what to wear during massage therapy in more detail.


Can you visit me if I'm in NW2 but just outside Cricklewood?

For sure! Search for your closest massage therapist by entering your full postcode in the box at the top of this page.


How often do people in my area get massaged?

Many customers would book a daily session if they could afford to pay for it! Our healthy clients book an appointment once every six months.


What type of massage should I get?

We have a great selection of practitioners with a wide variety of skills that can perform full body massages that relax your whole body to more intensive balance and posture improving physical therapy. Head over to our Treatments page to discover them all!


How long is a typical session?

We offer durations of 60 minutes upwards, with an hour being popular with our clients in Cricklewood.


How much space do I need?

Our mobile massages in Cricklewood are designed to fit around you, so we make it as easy as possible. Many homes across the urban NW2 postcode district, don't have enough room to set up a table - check out our Preparing Your Room link in the footer for more info.



Our nearby massage therapists in Cricklewood are available on-demand, every day. Enjoy professional therapy delivered to the comfort of your own home, hotel room or office event. Find this team also servicing nearby locations such as Hendon, Willesden and Kensal Green. Just let us know, and we'll come to you!

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