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Looking for a skilled massage therapist in the N2 or N3 area to indulge in a relaxing massage in Finchley? Our therapists have got you covered! Since 2016, we've been offering top-notch massage treatments to customers in the Barnet area.

Our tried and tested team brings expertise such as tapotement and vibration across a wide range of treatment therapies from pregnancy massages to deep tissue massage. With us, massage therapy comes with emotional empathy as standard!

So whether you prefer the convenience of a home massage in Finchley Central or East Finchley to help relieve body aches and pains or just need professional therapy to relax your muscles, our local therapists across postcode area N3 and N2 are here for you. Book your massage with us and our specialist can arrive within an hour.

Our massage therapists in Finchley provide spa-like relaxation, salon treatments, and body care to relieve back pain, smooth out knots, and reduce stiffness. Our therapists can also travel to nearby locations like Woodside Park.

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Customer receiving sports massage at their own place in Finchley, N3

Our massage therapists are available seven days a week in Finchley from 09:00 to 22:30. Our local team can visit you at your convenience, whether you're working from home or returning from work. Booking in advance increases your chances of getting your favourite therapist!

Our prices for professional massages in Finchley offer top value for money! Choose our popular 90-minute duration and get £10 OFF by using your special discount code N3-10 during checkout.

Make your home or hotel room a sanctuary for relaxation to enjoy the full benefits of your session with The Massage Rooms in Finchley and East Finchley.

Freshen up with a quick shower prior to a full body massage to start your relaxation journey on the right foot.


Our local massage team comprises a number of therapists based nearby to the Finchley neighbourhood. In the last month the most popular therapists in your area were:

A Top Thai Massage Therapist Finchley Central


Finchley Central Mobile Massage Therapist

A Top-Rated Reflexology Foot Massage Therapist East Finchley


Finchley Central Mobile Massage Therapist

A Great Choice of Shiatsu Massage Therapist N3


Finchley Central Mobile Massage Therapist


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Average rating 4.96/5.00 from 724 reviews


I've used this service a few times now, and Noelia was the best! What a lovely young lady, and great skills to match. Surprised at how strong she was, given her petite body. Will definitely call he...


Relaxed and refreshed after an amazing massage from Anna, the best massage I had for a long time and looking forward to the earliest opportunity to experience this again


Just wanted to thank Kristina for the most wonderful massage EVER!!! :clap:


Finchley (N3) presents a wellness environment that blends suburban charm with modern convenience. Family wellness clinics, local fitness clubs, and wellness community events cater to residents of all ages. Nearby green spaces like Victoria Park provide venues for outdoor relaxation and exercise. Finchley Central's wellness culture emphasises community well-being, family-friendly activities, and suburban tranquillity, reflecting the area's appealing blend of local charm and modern living.

East Finchley (N2) radiates a healthful ambiance that seamlessly merges village vibes with contemporary amenities. Holistic health centres, boutique gyms, and well-being workshops cater to the diverse population of the region. Adjacent natural havens such as Cherry Tree Wood offer locales for serene outdoor rejuvenation and physical activity. East Finchley's health and wellness ethos underscores collective health, inclusive engagements, and village serenity, mirroring the locality's harmonious fusion of traditional allure and present-day lifestyle.

We offer a wide range of massage therapies in Finchley from Thai massage to Pregnancy massages. Our prices start at just £59 for a 60-min home or hotel visit to £110 for our grand two hour treat. Our most popular 90-min session is only £70 if you use the local discount code on this page! This month, the most requested types across the Barnet borough were:




I'm new to London. What's a traditional Thai massage in Finchley like?

Welcome to London! Our local Thai massage is a unique blend of deep tissue techniques, assisted stretching, and acupressure. You can expect an authentic experience where your body will be gently guided through different postures to release tension and improve flexibility. It's a rejuvenating experience that balances both the body and mind, making it a favourite amongst locals and newcomers alike.


Can I find osteopathy and deep tissue massages around here?

Absolutely! Our Finchley therapists include those that offer osteopathic treatment types. Osteopathy focuses on improving health across all body systems by manipulating and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework. Pairing this with a deep tissue massage can be especially beneficial, as the massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, promoting healing and reducing muscle tension.


What can I expect from a Finchley deep tissue massage for body health?

A deep tissue massage in N3 offers a therapeutic experience that focuses on the deeper layers of your muscles and fascia. Using firm pressure and slow strokes, therapists will work to break down any knots or tightness. This type of massage not only relieves muscle tension but also boosts circulation and promotes overall body health. Many of our local clients report feeling revitalised and more in tune with their bodies after their deep tissue experience.


What should I wear during my session?

The answer depends on you and the massage style you've selected. For example, a full body massage with oil is best performed with the client undressed and draped with a towel, whereas Indian Head massage therapy, might only need loose clothing. We've written a separate article discussing what to wear during massage therapy in more detail.


Can you visit me if I'm in just outside Finchley?

Definitely! Search for your closest massage therapist by entering your full postcode in the box at the top of this page.


How often do people in my area get massaged?

Many customers would book a daily session if they could afford to pay for it! Our healthy clients book an appointment once every six months.


What type of massage should I get?

We have a great selection of practitioners with a wide variety of skills that can perform full body massages that promote relaxation to more intensive assisted stretching physical therapy such as Thai massage. Head over to our Treatments page to discover them all!


How long is a typical session?

We offer durations of 60 minutes upwards, with 1.5 hours being popular with our clients in Finchley.


How much space do I need?

Our mobile massages in Finchley Central or East are designed to fit around you, so we make it as easy as possible. Many homes across the urban N2 and N3 postcode districts, don't have enough room to set up a table - check out our Preparing Your Room link in the footer for more info.


Our nearest massage therapists in Finchley are available on-demand, every day. Enjoy professional therapy delivered to the comfort of your own home, hotel room or office event. Just let us know, and we'll come to you!

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