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Need a relaxing massage in Hounslow? You're in the right place! We've been massaging a wide variety of customers better in the TW3 area since 2014.

Our local massage therapists are chosen for their empathy and experience in performing a wide range of massage therapies from deep tissue massage with kneading to full-body relaxing massages using trigger point therapy techniques. Importantly, we believe the best massage treatments are those delivered with empathy!

So whether you need to help relieve body aches and pains or just emotionally wind down, we have many super local therapists waiting to visit you on-demand. Book a massage in Hounslow and your selected therapist could be at your home in an hour.

Enjoy a soothing massage in Hounslow with our skilled therapists, specialising in body treatments that ease back pain and unknot tension. Our services also extend to nearby areas such as Isleworth and Twickenham.

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Our massage therapists are available seven days a week in Hounslow from 08:00 to 21:30. Our local team can visit you at your convenience, whether you're working from home or returning from work. Booking in advance increases your chances of getting your favourite therapist!

Our prices for professional massages in Hounslow soothe both body aches and budget constraints! Choose our popular 90-minute duration and get £10 OFF by using your special discount code TW3-10 during checkout.

Compose a relaxing scene that aligns with the different massage techniques provided by The Massage Rooms in Hounslow.

Stay away from alcohol and caffeine to be wholly present for your full body massage.


Our local massage team comprises a number of therapists based nearby to the Hounslow area. In the last month the most popular therapists in your area were:


Rated Outstanding 5-star-reviews-icon

Average rating 4.96/5.00 from 719 reviews


Vera was fantastic!! I really enjoyed her professionalism and gentle approach. Very knowledgeable and intuitive to stress points. :D :D


Wow...Edit is amazin...Didnt want her to leave :love:


My husband surprised me with a massage for our anniversary! And Vera wasn't only a Massage Therapist, she is an Angel


Hounslow (TW3) provides a wellness landscape that reflects its multicultural community, family orientation, and suburban lifestyle. Multicultural wellness centres, family-friendly health programs, and community wellness events cater to diverse resident needs. Nearby parks offer outdoor family wellness. Hounslow's wellness culture emphasises cultural diversity, family well-being, and suburban comfort, reflecting the area's multicultural richness and family-friendly environment.


We offer a wide range of massage therapies in Hounslow from Physio Style to Pregnancy massages. Our prices start at just £59 for a 60-min home or hotel visit to £110 for our extravagant two hour treat. Our most popular 90-min session is only £70 if you use the local discount code on this page! This month, the most requested types across the Hounslow region were:


What should I wear during my session?

The answer depends on you and the massage style you've selected. For example, a full body massage with oil is best performed with the client undressed and draped with a towel, whereas Asian massage therapy, might only need loose clothing. We've written a separate article discussing what to wear during massage therapy in more detail.


Can you visit me outside of Central Hounslow?

Certainly! Our wellness and massage services have become increasingly popular in Hounslow over recent years, catering to both residents and visitors seeking relaxation and therapeutic relief. Stretching from Central Hounslow to the more residential Feltham in the west, our mobile massage service offers residents the luxury of spa quality treatments without needing to step out of their homes. Those living near iconic landmarks like Osterley Park or the historic Hounslow Heath can easily book a massage in TW3 to rejuvenate after a day spent outdoors. Even in bustling areas close to Hounslow High Street or the Treaty Shopping Centre, the convenience of our home massage service team in Hounslow allows for a tranquil escape from the urban hustle. 

Enter your postcode at the top of this page to find a Hounslow massage therapist.


How often do people in my area get massaged?

Many customers would book a daily session if they could afford to pay for it! Our healthy clients book an appointment once every six months.


What type of massage should I get?

We have a great selection of practitioners with a wide variety of skills that can perform full body massages that reduce mental stress to more intensive soft tissue physical therapy. Head over to our Treatments page to discover them all!


How long is a typical session?

We offer durations of 60 minutes upwards, with 60-minutes being popular with our clients in Hounslow.


How much space do I need?

Our mobile massages in Hounslow are designed to fit around you, so we make it as easy as possible. Many homes across the urban TW3 postcode district, don't have enough room to set up a table - check out our Preparing Your Room link in the footer for more info.


Do you offer massages near Hounslow?

Definitely! We cover many local areas in our extensive West London service. Here's where else you can book a massage near Hounslow:

Twickenham, TW1 | Ealing, W5 | Heathrow, TW6 | Isleworth, TW7 | Brentford, TW8 | Richmond, TW10 | Teddington, TW11Southall, UB1 | Hayes, UB3 | Greenford, UB6 | West Drayton, UB7 | Uxbridge, UB8


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