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Want a luxurious home massage in Piccadilly? Our team of highly skilled mobile massage therapists in W1J is on hand to deliver exceptional therapy directly to you. We've been massaging clients better, in the comfort of their own homes and hotel rooms, across the W1J area, with top-rated massage treatments since 2009.

With expertise in a wide range of massage therapy types and techniques, from deep tissue massage using kneading to full-body relaxing massage therapy with vibration, our therapists bring a harmonious fusion of skill and empathy to each session. Improve the health with a dose of physical and mental feel-good therapy!

Indulge with our tailored-for-you massage in Piccadilly, aimed to relieve tension and stress. Our mobile therapists will travel to you, allowing you to care for your body and mind without the hassle of travel.

Relax and renew in Piccadilly with our expert massage therapists, offering therapeutic body treatments that heal back pain. Our therapists also extend their services to neighbouring areas like Leicester Square, Mayfair, and Soho.

A nearby massage therapist in Piccadilly visiting their client to perform a relaxing massage.


Customer receiving thai massage in a hotel room in Piccadilly, W1J

Our massage therapists are available seven days a week in Piccadilly from 09:00 to 22:00. Our local team can visit you at your convenience, whether you're working from home or returning from work. Booking in advance increases your chances of getting your favourite therapist!

Our prices for professional massages in Piccadilly won't make you groan, they're as soothing as our therapeutic tone! Choose our popular 90-minute duration and get £10 OFF by using your special discount code W1J-10 during checkout.

Organize a calming atmosphere to pair with the specific needs addressed by The Massage Rooms in Piccadilly.

Adjust the room temperature to your liking prior to a full body massage for a complete, relaxing experience.


Our local massage team comprises a number of therapists based nearby to the Piccadilly location. In the last 6 months the most popular therapists in your area were:


Rated Outstanding 5-star-reviews-icon

Average rating 4.96/5.00 from 724 reviews

Daniel Lozneanu

Jannette was absolutely profesional and the service she provided was excelent. Will deffinitely use her again and allready recomended her to other friends and familly


Had a lovely massage from Edit. Fantastic massage and really friendly professional therapist.Will be booking again.


Hi guys! Had a massage with Eliza earlier. Absolutely fantastic, professional yet personable service, genuinely one of the most relaxing experiences of my life. I will definitely be booking again....


Piccadilly (W1J), located in the heart of London's entertainment district, offers wellness choices that reflect its lively atmosphere. From upscale wellness retreats to theatrical fitness experiences, the options are as vibrant as the locale itself. Wellness in Piccadilly is diverse, luxurious, and entertainment-oriented, echoing the area's energetic and cosmopolitan vibe.


We offer a wide range of massage therapies in Piccadilly from Thai to Lymphatic Drainage massages. Our prices start at just £59 for a 60-min home or hotel visit to £110 for our deluxe two hour treat. Our most popular 90-min session is only £70 if you use the local discount code on this page! This month, the most requested types across the Westminster region were:



What should I wear during my session?

The answer depends on you and the massage style you've selected. For example, a full body massage with oil is best performed with the client undressed and draped with a towel, whereas Reflexology Foot massage therapy, might only need loose clothing. We've written a separate article discussing what to wear during massage therapy in more detail.


Can you visit me if I'm in W1J but just outside Piccadilly?

Absolutely! Search for your closest massage therapist by entering your full postcode in the box at the top of this page.


How often do people in my area get massaged?

Many customers would book a daily session if they could afford to pay for it! Our healthy clients book an appointment once every two weeks.


What type of massage should I get?

We have a great selection of practitioners with a wide variety of skills that can perform full body massages that reduce mental stress to more intensive posture aligning physical therapy. Head over to our Treatments page to discover them all!


How long is a typical session?

We offer durations of 60 minutes upwards, with an hour being popular with our clients in Piccadilly.


How much space do I need?

Our mobile massages in Piccadilly are designed to fit around you, so we make it as easy as possible. Many homes across the urban W1J postcode district, don't have enough room to set up a table - check out our Preparing Your Room link in the footer for more info.



Our local massage therapists in Piccadilly are available on-demand, every day. Enjoy professional therapy delivered to the comfort of your own home, hotel room or office event. Just let us know, and we'll come to you!

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