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  1. Quick Guide to Massage Jobs in London
  2. How to Get Hired
  3. Jobs Available Now
  4. Job Types in London
  5. Mobile Therapist Roles
  6. We're Hiring!
  7. Hotel Spa Careers
  8. Gym Therapist Roles
  9. Beauty Salon Positions
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Quick Guide: What You Need to Know About a Massage Job in London

Watch our 2-minute explainer video

Watch this video to learn all about our massage jobs in London.


Average Salary in London

£25,000 - £40,000 per year depending on experience and specialisation.


Popular Areas for Massage Jobs

Traditional spa and salon settings have high demand in Soho and Covent Garden. Mobile massage services experience high demand across London, particularly in affluent residential areas.


Types of Massage Jobs

Positions range from flexible freelance opportunities as a mobile operator to full-time roles in spas and sports facilities.


Opportunities for Those With No Experience

If you're seeking a massage therapist job in London with no experience, trainee roles are available. Many companies offer paid, on-the-job training to help you acquire essential skills:

  • Basic understanding of massage techniques
  • Client communication skills
  • Delivering treatments with empathy

Many companies, including mobile massage services, are willing to invest in training for candidates who demonstrate a strong work ethic, willingness to learn, and genuine interest in the field of massage therapy.


Key Requirements for Mobile Massage Therapists in London

For those seeking employment as a mobile massage therapist in London, the following attributes are essential:

  • Delivering high-quality massages
  • A genuine passion for human wellbeing
  • Strong empathetic skills
  • Willingness to travel in London
  • An honest work ethic


Top Employers in London

For mobile roles, consider The Massage Rooms. For fixed locations, luxury venues like The Ritz and Mandarin Oriental are popular choices.


Career Progression Opportunities

Specialising in specific techniques such as deep tissue, sports, or Thai massage can fast-track career progression. Additionally, there are opportunities to advance into managerial roles within the industry.




Getting a Job as a Massage Therapist in London

Explore exciting therapist opportunities in bustling London. The demand for skilled professionals is soaring, creating numerous openings. Discover the diverse range of massage therapist jobs London has on offer for therapists and valuable tips for success in this guide.


Launch Your Career with our No Experience Massage Therapist Jobs in London

Is a lack of experience holding you back from pursuing your dream of becoming a massage therapist? Our tailored no experience massage therapist jobs in London are designed just for you! At The Massage Rooms, we believe in creating opportunities for passionate individuals to embark on a fulfilling journey, regardless of prior experience.

Nervous inexperienced massage therapist

No need to worry if you're inexperienced!

Our focus on nurturing talent has resulted in our unique application process that empowers newbies in the field. We understand the uncertainties that come with being a new massage therapist. That's why we're thrilled to give you the chance to learn and grow with us.

Click "Apply For A Job" above to express your interest and mention your lack of experience. In return, we'll provide full training and helpful expert advice. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to guide you step by step, helping you gain the skills for success.

Join us in London, a city bursting with opportunities, for a fulfilling new career in massage therapy. Don't let inexperience hold you back from your passion.

We're here to make your goals a reality!



Current Massage Job Listings in London

From trainees with less than 1 month experience to fully qualified therapists with 12 months or more, whether you have a professional certificate or can demonstrate experience in place of education, we value your massage skills. 

Choose your hours within our 10am-10pm operating times. Apply now!


Full-Time Mobile Massage Therapist

Employment Type: Full-Time

Salary: £35+ per hour

Location: London (Mobile)

Description: Deliver consistent, spa quality massages across London with a commitment of at least 5 days a week, including at least one weekend day.


Apply Now



Part-Time Mobile Massage Therapist

Employment Type: Part-Time

Salary: £32.50-£35 per hour

Location: London (Mobile)

Description: Provide exceptional massage services on a part-time basis from just 3 hours per day and as many days as you wish, offering flexibility to balance your other commitments.


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Flexi-Time Mobile Massage Therapist

Employment Type: Flexi-Time

Salary: £32.50-£35 per hour

Location: London (Mobile)

Description: Benefit from a flexible, week-to-week schedule that accommodates unpredictable commitments, such as freelance makeup artistry or educational courses.


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Inexperienced Mobile Massage Therapist Role

Employment Type: Trainee

Salary: £25 - £30 per hour

Location: London (Mobile)

Description: Begin your career in massage therapy with hands-on training from us, no experience required.


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Jobs for Foreigners

Ready to work? If you're from abroad and love massage, we have jobs for you in London.

Multilingual Massage Jobs: Openings for Various Countries, Limited English Not a Problem!Join our friendly team and bring your skills to our city. No matter where you're from, we value what you bring. Share your perspective and help our clients feel good. London's diverse culture and exciting opportunities await you. Come be a part of our team and show us what you've got!


Foreigner? Learning English? No problem! Click to Apply now!


Part-time, Full-time and Flexible Working Hours

Discover diverse job opportunities tailored to your scheduling preferences. Choose from part-time, full-time, or flexible work to suit your needs.

Clock showing flexible working hours

Part-time positions offer flexible scheduling, ideal for students and individuals pursuing other passions.

Full-time commitment with up to a 7-day working week available, but we recommend a maximum of 6 days for ample rest and exceptional performance.

Embrace flexible working hours in London, tailored to peak demand or personal preferences.

Flexibility is a major attraction for our therapists!



Types of Massage Therapist Jobs, London

Explore a diverse range of massage job type from relaxing holistic massage to remedial deep tissue that service clients, male and female, in different settings. Exceptional customer service skills ensure maximum satisfaction. Exciting career opportunities in beautiful London for aspiring therapists!

London Skyline: Vibrant Cityscape for No Experience Massage Jobs in LondonIn the UK, formal massage qualifications are not required to work as a practitioner. Many sought-after therapists in London gained expertise through on-the-job experience or natural passion. However, staying updated with the latest body treatments is important. Try a cost-effective massage course in London to acquire this essential knowledge quickly and easily.

Start your rewarding therapy career in London today!


Are you a Sports Massage Therapist? Click To See Full & Part-Time Positions



Working as a Mobile Massage Therapist

In London, experienced oil massage therapists are in high demand for in-home treatments, a well-established service. As a mobile therapist, you'll offer various styles, such as Swedish, deep tissue, and popular Asian techniques like Thai massage.

Enjoy flexible scheduling and higher per hour rates in London. As a mobile massage company we let therapists choose their own work area, whether it's Central London, West London, East London, or Greater London.

A mobile masseuse massaging a client at his home

Working in mobile services provides rewarding independence and strong client relationships without spa management. It's an ideal path to a successful career in relaxing or deeper tissue sports massage therapy.



Massage Therapist Applicants - We Need You Now!

Are you seeking job opportunities as a massage therapist in London? We have roles for inexperienced and experienced workers. Apply now and join us as a mobile therapist, offering holistic massage treatments in clients' homes. We offer full training and a wide range of styles from relaxing Swedish, deep tissue and strong sports massages to popular Asian styles like Thai and Ayurvedic.

It’s really important to us that you’re the kind of person who has empathy for others, and is reliable and trustworthy.

If that sounds like you then you’ll enjoy flexible hours and competitive pay, starting at £35 per hour. Most of our therapists earn between £400 to £600 per week, with our experienced top therapists earning even more.

Apply for a position with us now for a rewarding therapist role in London!


Click Here for Roles as a Temporary Massage Therapist


Hotel Spa Therapist Careers

Explore a spa therapist or beauty therapist job in London. Gain valuable experience in hotel spas, learning various massage techniques safely. Qualifications and experience lead to long-term success.

NVQ Level 3 or equivalent and registration with a professional body like FHT usually required.



Becoming a Therapist at a London Gym

Find jobs at local gyms or fitness centres in London for a rewarding career as a masseur or masseuse. Aid clients in their fitness journey, preparing and recovering from exercise routines. Network with health and wellness professionals in a vibrant gym setting.



A Role as a Beauty Salon Masseuse

Join a London beauty salon as a massage therapist for a relaxing and fulfilling career. Stay updated on trends and techniques, access the latest products and spa treatments, and build a loyal client base by networking with beauty professionals.

Junior masseuse working in a beauty salon

In London salons, therapists often offer both relaxing and beauty treatments, making it a stimulating career choice. However, if you are focused solely on holistic treatments, a beauty salon job may be less relevant.


Click Here for Alternative Spa Therapist Roles in London




1. What Qualifications are Needed for a Massage Role in London?

Formal qualifications are not necessary but can be helpful for a holistic massage therapist  job in London. Essential factors include natural ability, empathy and an understanding of the human body. English language skills are not essential but having good customer service skills and a passion for helping others is. Techniques improve with increased experience in massage therapy for all. 

Completing a massage therapist job application form in London


Click Here for Greater London Massage Roles


2. What are the Typical Working Hours for London Therapists?

London offers highly rewarding and flexible opportunities for mobile massage therapists. Enjoy varied working hours, meeting client demands in the evenings and weekends for a diverse clientele. Embrace a fulfilling career in mobile massage therapy in London!


3. How Much Can I Earn As A Masseuse in London?

London's booming health and wellness industry offers competitive salaries for good quality massage therapists, ranging from £30,000 to £35,000 per year. Mobile therapists earn £25 to £40 per hour, with negotiable rates, tips, and a travel allowance. Enjoy flexible hours and job security as a freelance therapist.

Image of GBP pounds sterling cash

When it comes to payment for massage jobs, a range of options is generally available in London. From cash in hand per booking to fixed monthly salaries paid directly into your bank account, you have various choices to suit your preferences!


Cash in Hand roles available: Click Here to Apply!


4. Are There Any Additional Massage Therapist Job Benefits in London?

London offers therapists jobs with higher earning potential and diverse clients. Choose from spa roles, luxury hotels, or flexible mobile positions. Enjoy cultural attractions and career progression. London is a hub for a massage therapist career to excel!


5. Key Tips for Massage Therapists Seeking Work in London

For massage therapy jobs in London:

Massage therapist CV for job in London

Check our online job postings.

Apply as a mobile therapist on our website.

Reach out to spas for fixed-location positions.

Check job boards and classifieds for more opportunities.

Showcase your skills during the interview with a trade test.


Click to Check Our Full-Time Positions


6. What Can I Expect during my Massage Interview?

In a London massage interview, expect questions about your experience and a demonstration of your techniques. The demonstration can range from a short 10-15 minute trade test to a full 90-minute massage.

Massage job applicant performing a trade test in London

Be prepared with your CV, qualifications, confidence in your skills, and a compelling explanation of why you're the best candidate. With effort and a touch of luck, you'll find your ideal massage therapy job in London!


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