Saumya is the ideal therapist for those of you who prefer a massage style which is both deep and powerful but relaxing too. Full of bundles of energy and determined to give her clients the very best of her abilities, Saumya is a classic hard-working therapist who aims to relieve the deepest tension in muscles and stress in minds. 

When we tested Saumya's techniques, we quickly knew that she would be able to satisfy even the most demanding of customers when it comes to strength of pressure. She is able to exert deep, focused, pressure directly targeting tension spots with skill - absolutely ideal for an at-desk office massage. If you prefer your treatment to be even stronger, just ask! She had successfully treated some very well built and muscular bodies before. 

Prepare to breath out a deep sigh of contented comfort as you begin to feel your tight spots ease during a brilliant massage at home on in the office with Saumya!

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