Massaging people better is a true passion for Alina so she recently improved on her natural interest and experience in physical therapy from back in Romania with a UK based qualification too. Having worked in physiotherapist clinics and as a healthcare volunteer for massage she has bundles of experience but also uses her natural love for massage to adapt her technique so that it is truly bespoke for each client.

Alina mixes her movements between using her hands and her forearms to add an extra layer of depth and feeling to the overall massage. Like all the best mobile massage therapists, Alina focuses her time and attention on your body rather than chat to deliver one of the most deeply relaxing massages in London.

We love the way Alina uses just the right amount of massage oil to warm the skin and allow her hands to move skilfully along your body without slipping. This approach allows each of her fingers and palms to make worthwhile contact with your body and deliver genuinely deep relaxation therapy to the muscles below your skin. We are sure you will love her less oil means more touch approach within minutes of her starting the treatment. Equally importantly, Alina continues to massage each part until any applied oil is fully absorbed, thus leaving you not only fully relaxed but also ready to carry on with the rest of your day as soon as your treatment is complete.

Enjoy a graceful yet deep and meaningful therapeutic treatment from the soles of your feet right up to the tip of your head with your visiting masseuse Alina today.

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