With a degree in physical education, Barbora has a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology than many. Her treatment focus is on providing Classic Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports massages.

She has been a keen competitor in sports for many years, so often needed a high-quality massage herself. She understands how a well performed treatment can help relax muscles efficiently and without pain or soreness. 

Importantly, Barbora also understands the need for simple relaxation therapy too. She believes one of the best ways to escape the stresses of daily life in a busy city like London is to treat yourself to a soothing classical or deep tissue massage. 

The intensity of Barbora’s treatment always depends on her customer’s preference and can be anything from soft to firm. Her own favourite way of performing treatments is with a medium to firm pressure, and we recommend you try it that way too, for the very best version!

Core Services

Classic Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports

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