Beatrice believes no two people are the same and so a really good massage comes from feeling and reacting to the different requirements of each of her clients. She has a warm, kind personality and truly loves performing massages to improve both physical and mental health. 

Beatrice treatment technique focuses on delivering a top-notch Swedish massage, with elements of deeper touch, to create a treatment which is immensely relaxing. This is one of those massages that you can very easily fall asleep to and wonder where the time went - we recommend at least 90 minutes! 

If you have been feeling a bit tired, stressed or having difficulty sleeping recently, then a massage with Beatrice is so much better than trying to relax with a hot bath or luxurious holiday. Ok, perhaps not a holiday, but finding a nearby therapist to bring a 5 star treatment to you is definitely a luxurious treat that we all deserve once in a while … especially when you haven’t had a holiday!

Core Services

Classic Swedish, Deep Tissue

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