Cleo obtained her first massage certificate in Swedish massage back at home in Greece in 2013. Since then she has further expanded her range of techniques and experience with training in New York and London. She is well accustomed to busy city lifestyles and the types of treatments that are needed! 

In addition to her qualifications in deep tissue and sports massage, Cleo also has a degree in Biology and has studied pilates too. All this knowledge of the structure of the body is apparent when she massages you. Your muscles will soon relax as she performs her precise, confident, and meaningful deep massage strokes around your torso.  

Cleo is an excellent all-round therapist with many complementary skills that make her treatments even better. As well as her interest in pilates, she also dances, which has a lot in common with massage

A lovely personality coupled with reliability and bundles of ability in massage, Cleo is a first choice therapist for anyone looking for top notch deep tissue therapy in the comfort of their home or hotel room.

Core Services

Classic Swedish, Deep Tissue, Jet Lag & Hangover, Sports, Lymphatic Drainage, Office Massage

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