Meet Cleo, a versatile massage therapist whose passion for bringing relaxation to others is matched only by her diverse skills. Specialising in Relaxing, Swedish, Classic, and Deep Tissue massages, Cleo's approach is a harmonious blend of therapeutic expertise and genuine care.

Drawing from her experience as a caregiver and personal trainer, Cleo understands the intricacies of the body and the importance of holistic well-being. Her massages are personalised experiences tailored to each client's needs, reflecting her commitment to their overall health and wellness.

Beyond the massage bed, Cleo brings a unique background to her practice. Qualified as a Thai boxing judge and a former Thai fighter, she infuses elements of discipline and strength into each of her sessions. Book now for a massage experience that not only rejuvenates but also enhances resilience and strength for your active lifestyle.

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Classic Swedish, Deep Tissue, Jet Lag & Hangover

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