Smiling Hajni has bundles of experience having worked in a Hungarian massage spa for over 4 years before moving to London to further progress her genuine interest and love for massage. She is a true believer in the wonders that holistic massage therapies can bring to both your body and your mind. 

With one of the longest list of regular customers, Hajni's flowing style of massage, starts at your feet and progresses upwards. Initially she uses softer, soothing strokes to warm up your muscles. Then, once she feels that you have relaxed a little and become more comfortable, Hajni incorporates some deeper strokes, her hands still flowing smoothly and in harmony expertly along your body. She finds and targets any tight spots with magical ease providing additional remedial relief for tense muscles. 

This is a truly excellent top-to-toe massage that remains graceful and elegant throughout, whilst also offering deep meaningful touches designed to ease tension, reduce stress and simply massage you better than the rest! Try a session with Hajni and you will quickly understand what we mean but if you would like to read more about Hajni's story into the holistic world of massage simply visit our Therapists section in the Blog. 

Core Services

Classic Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Jet Lag & Hangover, Pregnancy, Office Massage

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