Meet Jess, a dedicated massage therapist, delivering relaxation and deep tissue expertise to you at home.

Jess is a seasoned professional, committed to providing spa quality massage experiences personalised for each client. Whether you need all round relaxation with a full body Swedish massage, relief from tense knots with deep tissue therapies, or the rejuvenating effects of her anti-cellulite slimming massage, Jess has your back ... and the rest of your body too!

You must try Jess's deep tissue massage where she skilfully penetrates muscle tension, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated from head to toe.

Jess is not just a skilled therapist; she's also fluent in her native Spanish - and steadily improving her English. So, if you prefer Spanish, feel free to chat; otherwise, let her massage do the talking. Her warm and welcoming nature ensures each session is a renewing experience and communication comes through her touch.

Expect nothing short of excellence in therapeutic expertise with Jess. You'll appreciate her unwavering dedication, as she guides you through the transformative benefits of her healing touch.

Book a session with Jess today!

Core Services

Classic Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Jet Lag Massage, Sports Massage, Slimming Massage

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