Kathy has performed a wide variety of therapeutic massages in Hong Kong for over 12 years, so she has bundles of experience of serving demanding customers similar to those in London. 

Once she moved to London last year, she got a temporary job outside of her true profession but is now available on a mobile basis in London to do what she does best – massage. Kathy offers a range of types of massage from relaxing Swedish massage to some of the firmest, deeper tissue styles for those who want a more intensive treatment. 

For those visiting London from Europe or America, you may know relaxing styles by a different name: Californian, Classic or Relaxing Massage. But regardless of the name given, rest assured Kathy’s treatment is a great choice if you just want to switch off and chill out. 

Alternatively, if you are after a very firm style of treatment, like many of her customers in Hong Kong, then just let her know and she can also do the more traditional Chinese massages. 

Kathy’s personality is well described as calm and collected. She is hard working and able to work under pressure. We recommend you book her for a 90-minute session mixing some deep tissue remedial work with soothing relaxation techniques to get the very best she can offer.

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Classic Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Jet Lag Massage

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