Magda is a warm, positive and emphatic person. She studied pharmacy in Poland and this medical background has given her great communication skills through which which she is able to build trust and better understand her clients' needs. 

Magda is passionate about massage therapy as part of her overall interest in health and wellness. In her spare time she continues to learn new techniques which can help her improve her understanding of how different parts of the body are interconnected as well as the best ways to provide relief for sore or aching muscles. 

Magda is qualified in several popular massage styles with her Level 4 Sports Massage qualification arriving soon. She therefore has both the skillset and experienced to successfully marry what her clients need with the most effective techniques to treat their condition. Her favourite style is Thai Oil Combo where techniques such as pressure point therapy, stretching and pressing for myofascial relaxation are applied together with oil-based long strokes and deep kneading to achieve both muscle relief and relaxation in the same wonderful session. For those of you who like extra-deep pressure, Magda is happy to use her elbows and forearms and other popular deep tissue techniques

Be prepared to be soothed from head to toe with a mind-soothing, body-boosting, massage from Magda!

Core Services

Classic Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Jet Lag Massage, Physio-Style Massage, Sports Massage

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