Marta, Lomi-Lom therapist in London

Marta is an experienced therapist, who has performed treatments in many different countries. She is passionate and skilled in her work but also always looking to learn and improve her skills and knowledge. 

Marta believes that a properly conducted massage treatment is one in which a combined, physical and psychological, dialogue forms between client and therapist and brings benefits to both. She is a great listener, keen to understand each individual client’s needs, and also uses her experience to read any subtle signals indicated in the body. Marta applies a holistic approach to her treatments, giving careful consideration to the whole persona of each person she meets. 

Marta is a perfect choice when you need someone to soothe your mind and body after a long or stressful day. Her calm touch, applied using classic and Lomi-Lomi massage techniques, quickly ease your mind and leave troubles behind. Marta also enjoys working deeper into muscle tissue so if you have any areas where you would like more concentrated pressure, she is more than happy to oblige.

An energetic and happy person who loves working as a mobile massage therapist, book Marta to benefit from both her treatment techniques and her uplifting attitude to life!

Core Services

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