Neda is a skilled and empathetic massage therapist based in London. With expertise in both relaxing Swedish and invigorating deep tissue massages, Neda brings a unique touch to her sessions. Her tranquil and calming approach, paired with a natural, softly spoken demeanour, creates an ambiance of serenity that allows clients to unwind fully.

Drawing from her extensive experience in a Northwest London beauty and massage salon, Neda has honed her techniques to offer a bespoke and soothing experience. Her genuine care for her clients is evident in every session, as she tailors her treatments to individual needs, ensuring a personalised and rejuvenating experience.

Neda's professionalism is complemented by her warm and friendly nature, making clients feel at ease from the moment they enter the treatment room. She values the well-being of her clients and is dedicated to providing not just a massage but a holistic escape from the stresses of daily life. With Neda, you can expect a therapeutic journey that nurtures both your body and soul!

Core Services

Classic Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Jet Lag Massage

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