Oriane performs treatments on a mobile massage table so please ensure you have appropriate space. 

A keen believer in naturopathy and student osteopath Oriane approaches health from a completely holistic perspective. She views each client as the unique individual that they are and tailors her massage therapy accordingly to match their needs. 

Choose between popular classic treatment styles such as Swedish and Deep Tissue massage or for an added boost to your immune system ask Oriane to also incorporate her Lymphatic Drainage techniques. Combined together this multifaceted massage offers a great way to help insomnia or generally reduce anxiety. Oriane’s detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology inspires confidence from the outset and leaves you comfortable to totally relax and let this professional take total control of the treatment.  

A calm, measured and kind person, Oriane is always ready to listen with empathy. She likes to perform her treatments using essential oils that she believes add harmony to the session. Whether you need a deeply relaxing session or a really deep remedial treatment, Oriane is able to adapt her style to suit - her key aim is that you feel comfortable and good throughout.

Core Services

Classic Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy

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