Meet Supaksana, an exceptionally skilled and highly professional massage therapist originally from Thailand, now a true Londoner with many years of experience in the city.

With a primary emphasis on Traditional Thai massage, Supaksana seamlessly integrates Deep Tissue and Stretching techniques into her repertoire. Her treatments are extremely professional with a holistic approach to wellness, addressing physical tension in muscles and joints.

Supaksana's distinctive technique employs precise pressure with forearms, elbows, and hands, effectively addressing tense muscle points. Brace yourself for an amazing stretching experience; you may hear satisfying 'cracks.' These sounds are not bones cracking but the release of synovial fluid in the joint cavity — natural during stretching when gas bubbles form and pop.

Focused on renewing clients from head to toe, Supaksana blends strength, precision, and a profound understanding of the body's needs. Her versatility is evident in foot and sports massage, demonstrating her in-depth knowledge of human anatomy.

Supaksana's sessions prioritise revitalisation, ensuring you feel truly renewed after her expert treatment. A skilled therapist who is a true master of her chosen therapy!

Core Services

Classic Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Jet Lag Massage, Reflexology Foot Massage, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy Massage

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