Ayurvedic Massage masseuse applying a pressure stretch to man using her feet


Ayurvedic Massage masseuse applying a pressure stretch to man using her feet

What is Ayurvedic massage?

Originating from India, our Ayurvedic massage combines techniques from deep tissue massage with stretching exercises based on traditional Indian yoga rituals. Therefore, as well as receiving a traditional oil-based deep tissue massage your therapist will help you gently stretch into yoga positions which will help improve your suppleness. 

This treatment is best performed on the floor or a firm mattress, thus allowing your therapist to stretch you fully and giving you good support. 

Some therapists may use Ayurvedic oils and powders for healing properties and to enable your therapist to work properly on your body.


Is there an Ayurvedic massage therapist near me?

To check if there are any mobile Ayurvedic massage therapists in London near you and to book a visit head over to our booking system and enter your postcode.


Can anyone receive an Ayurvedic massage?

We believe massage is beneficial for young and old. However, you should always consider your personal health status prior to receiving any massage treatment. In particular, Ayurvedic massage can involve quite intensive stretching. As always, you should maintain an honest and open 

This deep tissue style can release both physical and emotional blocks, reduce toxins in your body, assist in a better posture and leave you feeling a deep sense of well-being.


What are the benefits of Ayurvedic massage?

When enjoyed regularly, over a period of time, it can significantly contribute to the overall improvement of your health and fitness level. 

Benefits of our Ayurvedic massage can include:

  1. Muscles feeling more relaxed and loose
  2. Better blood circulation
  3. Improved flexibility in joints, ligaments and muscle tissue
  4. Increased energy levels
  5. Assistance in the removal of built up toxins from your body
  6. Ongoing protection and maintenance of body health


How does an Ayurvedic massage at home differ from one received in a spa environment?

We think having an Ayurvedic mobile massage is a wonderful treat as you can set up your room in the most appropriate manner for your bespoke treatment. Please note that our mobile therapists focus more on the stretching and breathing elements of Ayurvedic treatments rather than the 'snehadhara' element which is the constant stream of oil ... simply because you probably don't want to have a room full of oil at the end of your treatment.