Classic Swedish Massage performed at home


Classic Swedish Massage performed at home

What is a classic Swedish massage?

Our classic massage is based on the ubiquitous Swedish massage and uses gentle to medium pressure strokes to relax and revive your muscles, release tension and leave you feeling invigorated and relaxed. 

Swedish massage is one of the most popular treatment styles offered all over Europe. In terms of pressure, Swedish massage sits at the light to medium end of the pressure spectrum. 

If you have never had a massage before or you feel like an overall relaxing session then our classic massage is one of the best choices.


What types of massage techniques are used in a classic massage?

A classic massage normally begins with softer strokes, known as effleurage, which are designed to be a light and comforting introduction to your masseuse’s touch and help prepare your body for the next stage of the massage, for each muscle group area. Effleurage also provides the opportunity for your therapist to spread the oil over each muscle group area in a calming and relaxing style. 

Effleurage is followed by a variety of medium pressure techniques, used to relieve deeper tension. Some of the most popular such medium pressure massage techniques include kneading and palm-pressure. 

Kneading is, as the name suggests, similar to the process applied to dough when making bread. The focus is on more fleshy areas of the body such as above the muscles on the sides of the spine, the buttocks and the thighs. 

Palm-pressure is an excellent technique allowing the full body weight of the masseur to be applied in a gentle manner through the hands. The palms are placed flat on your body and then the massage therapist gently leans forward applying her body weight through her palms into your back or limbs.


Is there a Swedish massage therapist near me in London?

To find a Swedish massage therapist in London near you now and book a home or hotel visit simply head over to our booking system and enter your postcode. 


What do I need to prepare for my massage at home? 

Please check our Prepare page for tips on how to set up your home or hotel room to be even better than a spa. 

Above is a general overview of a typical classic massage. Each therapist has her or his own unique style and this will be adapted to your individual needs and requirements based on the massage therapist’s experience.


Is a classic massage a good gift to buy?

Our massage Gift Certificates are sold in terms of duration, so the great news is that your lucky recipient will be able to choose whichever style and masseuse they like using the gift certificate you buy them.


What are the benefits of having a classic Swedish massage at home?

Our classic Swedish massage can help provide:

  1. A feeling of increased relaxation and calmness
  2. Reduced levels of mental and emotional stress
  3. Lighter muscle tension
  4. Improved blood circulation
  5. Strengthening of your immune system, thus making it easier to fight off things like common colds infections


How does a home visit classic massage differ from a spa appointment?

Booking a home visit mobile massage service means that your massage therapist will come to you. Simply book online and enjoy your professional classic massage treatment in the comfort of your home, hotel room or office environment.