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A popular choice for full body massages. Medium pressure, gliding strokes, and gentle kneading to relax.

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Classic Swedish Massage in London being performed by masseuse at home

All of our therapists are able to offer our Classic Swedish massage, a relaxing full body treatment inspired by the renowned Swedish style massage.

We provide treatments in your own home or hotel room anywhere in Central London and surrounding areas and can be with you within an hour. Our therapists have been top-rated for over 10 years, so prepare to experience the best Swedish massage London has on offer!

A mobile Swedish Massage London therapist performing effleurage on client at home

Benefits of our Swedish Massage Service

We're dedicated to bringing high quality, empathy filled, mind and body relaxation right to your doorstep. Our mobile Swedish massage service allows you to experience a range of benefits in the comfort and convenience of your home.


Full Body Massage Bliss at Home

Imagine in the blissful tranquillity of a full body Swedish massage session, designed to relax your mind and alleviate muscle aches, from head to toe. Let the expert hands of one of our experienced therapists transport you to a state of deep relaxation and serenity - at home.

Our skilled therapists offer full body massage treatments, ensuring each muscle tissue throughout your body receives the attention it deserves.


All Round Stress Relief

Release mental and emotional burdens with the soothing and empathetic touch of our Swedish massage therapy. Allow stress to melt away as you experience gliding strokes and targeted deeper pressure techniques delivered together in harmony by our top-rated therapists.

Our in-home Swedish massage is specifically designed to promote inner calm and balance between mind and body to reduce levels of stress.


Alleviate Muscle Tension

Experience the skilled hands of our therapists as they relieve muscle tension and tightness through a range of specialist techniques, including elements of deep tissue massage where needed, to target your muscle tissues and reduce muscle aches.

Our Swedish full body massage treatment applies gliding stroke techniques such as effleurage to provide a relaxing atmosphere and promote blood flow. Feel your tension and soreness simply melt away as you become more limber and at ease in your whole body.


Enhanced Blood Circulation

Rejuvenate your body from the inside out with a personalised Swedish massage session adjusted just for your needs. Our expert techniques invigorate circulation and promote the healthy flow of oxygen and vital nutrients through your body.

Experience enhanced blood flow and an overall atmosphere of relaxation with a Swedish massage in London.


Strengthened Immune System

Swedish massage therapy can help boost your body's defences, reduce stress, and enhance immune function, helping you ward off common ailments effectively. Treat yourself to enhanced wellness and stress reduction all in one and all in the comfort of your own home. 

Our full body massage therapies such as Swedish massage focus on promoting holistic wellbeing and providing a wholly rejuvenating experience for your body and mind.

Woman enjoying deep tissue pressure during a Swedish Massage at home



What Techniques are Used in our Swedish Massage Therapy?

During a Swedish massage therapy session, our mobile therapists utilise a variety of techniques to provide a tailored experience so you get a completely bespoke treatment.


We begin with soothing strokes called effleurage, which prepare your body for the next stage of the massage.

Effleurage helps spread the oil smoothly across each muscle group, enhancing the calming and soothing effects of the massage.


In addition to effleurage, our therapists employ various medium pressure techniques to relieve deeper tension and sore muscles. Two common techniques we use are kneading and palm pressure.

Kneading targets fleshy areas such as the sides of the spine, buttocks, and thighs, providing a deeply satisfying experience.

Palm pressure, on the other hand, utilises the therapist's body weight to deliver a soothing massage to your back or limbs.


Whilst this type of massage is overall more soothing and softer than a deep tissue massage, many of our therapists also incorporate certain Indian head massage and deep tissue techniques, especially if you have specific areas of increased tension.



Find your Ideal Swedish Massage Therapist in London

To find skilled and experienced Swedish massage therapists near you in London, look no further than our mobile service.

Simply enter your postcode below to discover experienced therapists available in your area. Book a home or hotel visit today and let one of our therapists bring the art of Swedish massage directly to you:



Preparing for a Swedish Massage Experience at Home

Wondering how to create the perfect ambiance for your Swedish massage at home? Set up your home or hotel room in a jiffy with our easy to follow preparation tips that will enhance your home treatment to a full spa-like experience.

From soft lighting to calming music, we provide recommendations to ensure that your Swedish massage session is nothing short of extraordinary.



Gift the Bliss of Swedish Massage

Looking for a thoughtful gift? Our massage gift certificates are available from just £20 upwards and allow your lucky recipient to choose whichever treatment style and therapist they want online.

Give the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation with one of our Swedish massage gift cards.



The Home Experience vs Spa Environment

By booking our home visit mobile massage service, you can enjoy the convenience of having a Swedish massage therapist come to you without any of the inconveniences of visiting a wellness centre.


Say goodbye to the hassle of commuting

No more waiting in spa lounges

No wondering which therapist you'll be allocated


Simply choose your preferred practitioner online (all profiles are available for review) and enjoy a professional Swedish massage treatment in the comfort of your home, hotel room, or even office environment!

Our therapists bring all the necessary equipment, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. At an unbeatable Swedish massage cost of just £59 for one hour, our service is also highly cost competitive with other options in London.

Our aim is to bring a Swedish massage experience to you that leaves you feeling revitalised, rejuvenated and relaxed! So book your mobile Swedish massage session with us today and get ready to experience the skilled hands of our therapists.

Let us bring the art of Swedish massage to you, right here in London!



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