Four Handed Massage with two masseuses massaging the back of a male customer


Four Handed Massage with two masseuses massaging the back of a male customer

How does a four hand massage feel?

When you book a four hand massage, two therapists will arrive together to massage you at the same time. So you could be forgiven for assuming the answer is as simple as saying a four handed massage feels twice as good as the two handed version! 

But we believe it feels even better than that. Down to something known as synergy. Read more about the synergy of two massage therapists working together and what four hand massage really feels like in our article.

In summary however, a four handed massage takes all of the wonders of a Lomi Lomi or classic Swedish massage with the added benefit of flowing and seamless synchronisation between two therapists who have learned to work together on one body in harmony.

How can I book a four-handed massage?

To book a four hand massage, it is important that you select two therapists who are trained and experienced in performing such a treatment.

It usually takes only 60 seconds to book a massage online but to enjoy your four hand massage at home, you will need to spend around 2 minutes ... because you need to go through the booking process twice.

1. Visit the Booking System and enter your postcode.

2. Select Four Hand Massage from the STYLE drop down. The system will display all the massage therapists who do four hand massage who are available in your area nearby to perform a four handed massage.

3. Click on the little i next to the therapist's name below their photo and you can read more about their massaging style and personality.

4. Choose your preferred Date & Time. The system will update to show which of the four-hand therapists are available at the selected time. Ensure you pick a time when two of your preferred provided providers are showing as available.

5. Select one of the shown therapists and proceed through the booking process. In the Comments section in the final step, you can type in "Four-handed massage".

6. Once you have confirmed your booking, go through the process again to select your second therapist and once again mention that you are booking a four-hand massage.

Then sit back, relax and while you wait for your therapists to arrive, you can read our piece describing what is a four hand massage and how it feels.