Four Handed Massage with two masseuses massaging the back of a male customer


The epitome of luxurious relaxation, our four-handed massage brings together two of our wonderful therapists to visit you in London together to deliver a synchronised massage treatment in harmony. This is a totally unique, lavish relaxation treat, recommended for connoisseurs of massage and those who are simply addicted to it!

Four Handed Massage with two masseuses massaging the back of a male customer

What is a four hand massage?

When you book a four hand massage, two therapists will arrive to massage you at once. 

The philosophy of four hand massage is centred on the belief that you will enter the deepest level of relaxation once your mind switches off completely.

Naturally, we are inclined to predict and analyse what is going to happen next during a massage. That is especially London residents, who are often blessed with busy analytical minds that are constantly churning away. You are probably familiar with that feeling of finding yourself counting whether your masseuse has done an equal number of strokes on your left leg versus what she did on your right!

However, with a four handed massage, you will lie down and your body will experience our two therapist’s four hands flowing effortlessly up, down and across your whole body, in harmony. Each therapists hands intertwine with the other and it is very difficult to tell which hand belongs to which therapist. After a short while your mind stops trying to predict the next move as it realises the movements of four hands at once are very difficult to predict. It is then that you really switch off and you enter a deeper state of relaxation. Your mind and body then begin freely enjoying the true luxury of massage.


What are the benefits of a four-handed massage?

The most powerful benefit of this massage is that your mind is quickly relaxed and you then get to enjoy the deepest of relaxation.