Mobile massage therapist giving a man a relaxing head massage


Whether the night before was one of excess partying or just a boring long-haul flight, our Jet Lag & Hangover massage is a calm and magnificent way to drift back into a more peaceful oasis. Lie back and think of the calming rice fields of India rather than blaring taxi horns of London.

Mobile massage therapist giving a man a relaxing head massage

What is a Jet Lag & Hangover massage?

Based on the well-established Indian Head massage, our Jet Lag massage is just what you need after an international flight to London. Alternatively this massage is also great if you are already in London and suffering from a hangover, having perhaps enjoyed all that it has to offer a little too much!  Hangovers have many of the same symptoms of jet lag so this treatment can target either ailment. 

A lack of sleep or drinking too much alcohol can inhibiting your anti-diuretic hormones. This reduces your body’s ability to absorb water. As your anti-diuretic hormone levels drop, instead of your body remaining hydrating and energised, your body wants to push out water instead. This is one of the reasons we make more frequent trips to the loo when drinking alcohol. As your body starts to become dehydrated, you start to feel drawn out and lethargic. The key to feeling better again is rehydration and proper rest. A softly applied, focused acupressure style massage like Indian Head massage can help with this. 

As well as a particular focus on traditional Indian head massage techniques our Jet Lag or Hangover treatment also utilises relaxing classic massage methods. The aim of this treatment is to calm your mind and to release any stress that may have accumulated in your muscle tissues and joints as a result of the short, sharp shock of long-haul travel or excess partying. 

Depending on how you feel, you can either lie down or just sit for your Jet Lag massage. Your therapist will use a range of different movements including gentle stimulation of the pressure points around your head, neck and shoulders followed by slightly deeper kneading of your neck and shoulder areas. The focus is on assisting you reach a more restful position by calmly assisting the restoration of normal blood flow through your body, so that you can return to your happier state of mind. 

We recommend you keep a glass of cool water by your side, perhaps with a hydration tablet such as O.R.S Hydration Tablets, and sip it periodically during your massage.


Is there a jet lag massage therapist near me?

To find a jet lag massage therapist in London near your home now and book a visit simply head over to our booking system and enter your postcode.


What are the benefits of a Jet Lag massage?

This massage is designed primarily to relax and gently restore your pre-travel or pre-party state. The massage can help with:

  1. Elimination of accumulated toxins and waste;
  2. removal of stress induced tension;
  3. fatigue relief for better sleeping; and
  4. reduction in headache, migraine or sinusitis.


How does a Jet Lag massage at home differ from visiting a spa?

Booking your Jet Lag massage as a mobile massage in London means that your Indian head massage therapist will come to you. This is probably the most sensible thing to do if you are feeling jet lagged or have a hangover. Simply book online and sit back to relax while your masseuse travels to you.