Lomilomi is a full body massage applied from head to toe


Lomilomi is a full body massage applied from head to toe

What is a Lomi Lomi massage?

Lomi Lomi massage originates from Hawaii. It is also known as Kahuna massage or simply Lomilomi. The word ‘lomi’ means to push, pull, knead, rub and soothe. Kahuna is a traditional a healing method which was offered by local healing practitioners in Hawaii. The word Lomi is used twice in the name of the therapy to emphasise the healing powers that this therapy is believed to offer. 

Lomilomi is holistic massage in the truest sense. Genuine Kahuna practitioners are interested not only in the physical aspects of your body but also your state of mind. Their approach is to assist harmony and balance between the two.


What does a Lomi Lomi massage feel like?

A Lomi Lomi massage could be described as feeling similar to floating in a lagoon by the sea. Sometimes you will feel gentle waves of energy moving across your body and at other times they will be deep and powerful. Your therapist's hands and arms will move in a rhythmic, almost musical style, embracing as much of your torso as possible simultaneously. This technique gives the sensation of receiving a full body massage all at once, rather than a piecemeal approach that other types of massage adopt.

For example, it is not unusual that your masseuse will place one hand on your shoulder whilst her other hand is working on your hip on the opposite side of your body. This approach is excellent in helping the client relax completely as you stop trying to predict the pattern of the massage. Instead your mind simply lets go and lets the therapist take control. By not working on individual areas in isolation, but treating the whole torso as one body, a deep sense of balance and total harmony is also achieved. 

Our Lomi Lomi massage is given in fluid, rhythmic motions using the forearms as well as all parts of the therapist’s hands. The result is a healing methodology which brings balance, restoration and peace to your body. We recommend a minimum treatment duration of 90 minutes but 120 minutes is the most ideal. Whilst technique is of course important, one of the key aims of Lomi Lomi massage is offering spiritual love to the body, using intuition so the treatment is just right for you. 


Is there a Lomilomi massage therapist near me?

To find a Lomi massage therapist in London near you now and book a visit simply head over to our booking system coverage checker and enter your postcode to find out who does Lomilomi near you.


Is it possible to receive a Lomi Lomi massage at home or in a hotel room?

Lomi Lomi massage can be received wherever there is sufficient space. We recommend laying a cotton sheet on a large wide comfortable area of bed or flooring, so that you can receive your treatment with lots of space around you.


What are the benefits of Lomi Lomi massage?

It is believed that as well as the benefits offered by classic and deep tissue massages, Lomi Lomi massage has the added benefit of empowerment. This feeling of being lifted within your inner self is believed to come from a deeper psychological energy exchange which comes from the holistic body and mind approach inherent to Lomi Lomi massage. 

There is also the great feeling that we often have after being a little more adventurous than usual and trying something new! 


How does an outcall Lomi Lomi massage differ from a spa appointment?

Booking a visiting mobile massage means that your massage therapist will come to you. Enjoy a professional Lomi Lomi massage treatment in the comfort of your home or hotel room.