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What is Lomi Lomi Massage?

Lomi Lomi massage, also known as Kahuna massage or Lomilomi, originates from Hawaii and is deeply rooted in ancient healing practices.

The term 'lomi' refers to techniques involving pushing, pulling, kneading, rubbing, and soothing, emphasising the body healing and nurturing touch involved in this traditional Hawaiian bodywork.

Lomilomi is a holistic massage practice that goes beyond the physical. Genuine Kahuna practitioners aim to restore harmony and balance between your body and mind.



Benefits of Lomilomi Massage

Our Lomilomi massage offers a variety of benefits that in some ways surpass those of other massages. Alongside deep relaxation and stress relief, the lomilomi massage technique promotes positive energy, reduces muscle tension, and facilitates lymph flow.


Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief

This traditional Hawaiian healing treatment style induces profound relaxation, melting away tension and stress.

Our therapist's healing hands will seek to release muscle tension, allowing you to experience deep relaxation of both body and mind.


Enhanced Circulation and Toxin Release

By incorporating specialised massage techniques, our Lomi Lomi massage stimulates your blood and lymph flow, leading to improved circulation and the elimination of toxins.

This helps revitalise your body and promotes natural healing processes.


Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion

Our Lomi Lomi massage involves stretches and movements that target muscles and joints, enhancing flexibility and increasing range of motion.

Through the release of muscle tension, these techniques help improve your overall physical well-being.


Emotional and Energetic Balance

Going beyond the physical, our Lomi Lomi massage therapists adopt a healing practice that aims to restore emotional and energetic balance.

The soothing strokes and intentional focus of your therapist will help provide a safe space for emotional release, promoting overall well-being and inner peace.


Heightened Self-Awareness and Personal Growth

Lomi Lomi massage encourages a deep connection with oneself, fostering self-awareness and personal growth.

The combination of relaxation, flowing strokes, and caring touch helps you be present in the moment, facilitating self-discovery and transformation.



Getting Lomi Lomi Massage at Home

Lomi massage therapist visiting a client at their homeOur Hawaiian relaxation massage can be experienced wherever there is sufficient space. Whether you're in the comfort of your own home or in a hotel room whilst visiting London, our skilled practitioners will provide a reassuring hand of expertise in lomilomi massage techniques that help relieve tension and promote relaxation.



At Home Lomi Lomi Massage vs. Spa Appointments

Booking a mobile Lomilomi massage in London means our skilled practitioner will come to you. Experience the benefits of this traditional Hawaiian massage in the convenience of your own space.

The personalised approach, flowing strokes, and careful touch of our empathetic therapists ensure a truly rejuvenating experience in the comfort of your own home without the trouble of travelling.



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