Office massage visiting service - with a woman receiving a shoulder massage whilst seated on a chair


As well as visiting homes and hotels in London, our professional massage therapists can visit your office or special event to improve morale. Our most popular office massage treatment is carried out on a special massage chair and is particularly good for working out knots and aches in hands, neck, shoulders and upper back.

Office massage visiting service - with a woman receiving a shoulder massage whilst seated on a chair

What is an office massage?

Our office massage allows you to book a high quality massage treatment to take place in your office or at your special event. These are very popular with employees, clients and event participants. Perks such as free regular massages at the workplace have been shown to improve employee health and morale as well as boot a company's reputation of being a good employer to work for. Simply organising a mobile massage therapist to visit the annual Christmas Party for a couple of hours to walk around and offer employees and other staff free 5 minute neck and shoulder massages is a great way to get the party going. 

We offer a range of office based treatments that can perk up employee mood and improve posture in as little as a few minutes.

Choose from our 5-Minute Refresher, 10-Minute Rejuvenator or 15-Minute Lux chair massages. We also offer a wide range of bespoke service packages to suit your particular office working environment or event.

Show your appreciation to employees and customers, attract a crowd and add a relaxed touch to your special day. We provide services to many large businesses at their London based head offices (such as Yahoo!, University Of London and American Express) as well as attending special events and trade shows like the East End Film Festival, Earls Court Beauty Show and OpRisk Europe on an annual basis.

To discuss your particular requirements, please E-MAIL us now and we will get back to you. If you have not booked with us before for a corporate booking, please ask about our Introductory Corporate Customer Scheme.



What are the benefits of an office or event massage?

Stress in the workplace is at an all-time high all around the world and especially so in busy cities like London. For the employer, this can mean a dramatic reduction in staff availability as sick days increase and employee morale lowers. Employee perk schemes have seen a huge rise in recent years for these very reasons. Chair based office massages have a multitude of widely accepted benefits.

So whether you are considering booking for an annual company party, an off-site exhibition or a regular perk to boost employee morale, our on-site massage sessions are an excellent and affordable way to lift your business to a higher level.