Physio Style Massage can help fix back aches


Physio Style Massage can help fix back aches

What is a physio-style massage?

We work with a wide range of highly experienced and respected massage therapists and health professionals. Some of these professionals have also been trained in or obtained qualifications in advanced muscle and joint manipulation techniques such as physiotherapy and osteopathy. 

Whilst we do not offer physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractor as a home visit massage service, when booking a therapist marked as offering physio-style massage you can rest assured that the therapist has previously undergone a degree of formal training in one of these professions. 

Please choose our physio-style massage if you wish to book a treatment that is deeply remedial and contains elements of physiotherapy massage. 

Physio-style massage aims to help protect, restore and maintain the health of your body through gradual manipulation and the natural realignment of your muscles and joints. Accordingly, this type of massage treatment is performed with a view helping you reach an improved state of health over a period of time, usually through a continuing course of treatments.


Is there a physiotherapy-style massage therapist near me?

To find a physiotherapy-style massage therapist in London near you now who can visit you at your home, just head over to our booking system and enter your postcode.


What are the benefits of a physio-style massage?

In particular, over a period of time with regular and repeat treatments, physio-style massage can help:

  1. Restore you to your former health prior to minor accidents or injuries
  2. Maintain the health of your muscles and posture
  3. Protect against weakening muscles and joints


How is this different to a physiotherapy appointment?

Our outcall physio-style mobile massage brings various elements of massage and exercise that are often used as part of physiotherapy to the comfort of your hotel room or home. It is important to note that if you are seeking an initial assessment of a particular condition from a physiotherapist then you should book a physiotherapy appointment at a registered clinic. If you feel that you no longer need any physiotherapy treatment other than the physiotherapy massage element, then booking a physio-style massage can be a very cost effective way to completing your course to full recovery.