Pregnancy Massage for a heavily pregnant lady


Pregnancy Massage for a heavily pregnant lady

What is a pregnancy massage?

Pre-natal pregnancy massage is a light touch, classic massage style treatment, specially tailored to take account of the changes in your body during pregnancy. Our therapists can perform a pregnancy massage for you in the comfort of your own home once you are past the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. 

To avoid pressure on your abdomen, your pregnancy massage qualified therapist will position you safely and comfortably during your pregnancy massage. This usually means lying on your side to avoid pressure on your tummy or sitting in a chair. 

Pregnancy is a wonderful natural miracle, which is to be enjoyed and cherished. But of course, pregnancy comes with physical and emotional pressures and strains. Our pregnancy massage eases such anxiety, bringing much needed peace and tranquillity to both you and your baby.


Is massage safe during pregnancy?

The question of safety is at the forefront of most parents's minds throughout any pregnancy. With the correct procedures and performed by an appropriately experienced therapist, massage is a safe therapy during pregnancy which can provide much needed comfort.


Is there a pre-natal Pregnancy massage therapist near me?

To find a pre-natal pregnancy massage therapist in London near you now and book a home visit simply head over to our booking system and enter your postcode.


What is the best postnatal massage after I have given birth?

At least just as important, and many would say even more so, is taking care of your health and stress levels soon after you have delivered. Find out how massage can help with postnatal care


What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

As well as the most simple benefit of just feeling ‘treated’ during your pregnancy, our pre-natal massage can also help:

  1. Reduce swelling around ankles; 
  2. regulate the hormones which control your stress levels;
  3. ease back aches without resorting to medication;
  4. stabilise blood pressure;
  5. rejuvenate mood; and 
  6. improve the quality of sleep.


Why a home visit Pregnancy massage is better

During the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, mobility levels are reduced and travelling becomes increasingly more of a pain. Book a mobile massage in London instead to save yourself the bother of extra journeys and enjoy your relaxation treatment in the comfort of your own home.