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Is Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, massage for pregnancy, often referred to as prenatal massage, is generally safe after the first trimester (12+ weeks). However, it's always recommended to consult with your healthcare professional before undergoing any massage while expecting.

That means if you are a mother-to-be who is 12 weeks pregnant or more, we can offer you a treatment. With the correct procedures and performed by an appropriately experienced masseuse, massage is an entirely safe therapy during pregnancy and can provide much needed stress relief.

Our treatments provide an added level of hygiene protection by using your own towels and taking place on your own bed or chair to ensure optimum comfort. We think that's more hygienic than using a commonly shared massage table.

We recommend sitting or lying on a pear-shaped beanbag or pillows and cushions for your treatment as this can provide the ideal support for you to feel at your most comfortable. 

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The Benefits of Massage for Pregnancy 

Our selection of prenatal and general maternity treatments offer a multitude of benefits for your body and your mind.

As your body undergoes remarkable changes, a regular massage treatment can promote a general sense of feeling better.

Our skilled masseuses use soft and soothing methods to help:

Relieve tension, pain and muscle aches

Calm you down and improve sleep

Alleviate backache without medication

Reduce water retention and boost energy levels

Relieve morning sickness

Reduce stress levels and enhance your mood

Improve blood circulation and brighten your skin


The Benefits of a Home Treatment

If you think you have to travel to a spa for a wonderful soothing session, think again! You'll enjoy a completely serene and calming atmosphere as our practitioners work their magic during your pregnancy massage treatment at home in London.

Saving you the time and trouble of travelling, we'll turn your favourite room at home into a dedicated treatment room just for you.

The gentle yet effective touch of our therapists will be primarily focused on your optimum convenience and help you ease tension. You'll feel the soothing sensations as they employ various procedures, such as gentle yoga-inspired stretches, rhythmic movements, and the use of essential oils.

Our specialists can focus on specific areas of discomfort, providing targeted relief where needed to help with a range of common pregnancy symptoms, such as liquid retention and swelling in ankles & feet.

A duration of one hour is usually sufficient and ensures you feel comfortable throughout. 

Keep pregnancy related tension to a minimum by turning your home into a treatment room haven for a few hours, simply by booking a regular pregnancy massage with one of our empathetic specialists. Enjoy the luxuries of a Bamford pregnancy massage without having to leave your home and travel to the treatment rooms of a Bamford wellness spa or the Berkeley Health club spa near busy Hyde Park Corner.

Book now and our specialist could be at yours within the hour!



Our Prenatal, Antenatal and Postnatal Treatments: We Nurture Mothers at Every Stage

Pregnancy is a transformative journey with distinct stages that require specific care and attention. Our range of massage for pregnancy (pre-natal, antenatal, and postnatal treatment) are all tailored to maternity needs and cater to the evolving demands of expectant and new mothers.

Let's explore the various massage types and techniques and how they provide nurturing support throughout different stages of motherhood.

Our maternity treatments generally focus on the muscles around your legs, feet, neck and shoulders. Any massage around the abdomen area is performed in a very soft and relaxing manner. Our pregnancy therapies are performed without the use of aromatherapy essential oils to avoid the risk of adverse reactions. 


Pre-Natal Massage: Supporting Expectant Mothers

Prenatal massage for pregnant womenPre-natal massages are tailored to the unique needs of expecting mothers. These sessions focus on addressing physical body and mental emotional changes during pregnancy, offering tranquillity and relief from common discomforts such as fluid retention.

Our skilled therapists use gentle techniques, such as scalp massage with hot towels wrapped around your head, to ensure safety for baby and optimum comfort for mother. Our prenatal pregnancy massage is specifically designed to promote calmness, reduce aches, improve circulation and can alleviate pregnancy-related tension.


Antenatal Massage: Preparing for Birth

Antenatal Massage to aid relaxation just before giving birthAnte-natal massages, often used interchangeably with pre-natal massages, can also specifically refer to a pregnancy massage received in the third trimester (week 25 onwards), just before childbirth. They provide support as expectant mothers prepare for the birthing process.

Antenatal treatments address the physical effects of pregnancy and enhance peacefulness, reducing anxiety and preparing the body for labour. Therapists create a nurturing environment, applying gentle methods to support your wellbeing.


Postnatal Massage: Supporting New Mothers

Postnatal Massage relieving tension after birthPostnatal massage focuses on the recovery and well-being of new mothers after childbirth. This form of full body massage helps with physical body as well as mental challenges during the postpartum period.

Our practitioners aim to support the body's healing process, restore muscle tone, and alleviate aches and pains. A postnatal pregnancy massage employs techniques like lymphatic drainage to help reduce muscle tension, inspire relaxation, and contribute to stress reduction and hormonal balance, aiding in overall rejuvenation as mothers transition into their new role.



Tailoring the Massage to Your Needs

Whether you're seeking pre-natal, ante-natal, or a full body postnatal massage for pregnancy, it's very important to effectively communicate your concerns and requirements to your personal masseuse. Our skilled practitioners will adapt the style and provide bespoke care to ensure your peace of mind and address your individual needs at each stage of your pregnancy journey.

We believe an open communication channel leads to the best massages.

Treatments can cover the full body or just focus on a few specific tense areas, according to your preferences and comfort level. Our primary aim is to ensure a peaceful pregnancy massage for you and your developing baby.

Popular and highly regarded options for this style encompass indulgent facial massage and scalp massage, a rejuvenating foot soak followed by foot massage at revitalising pressure points for tired and swollen feet, and other specialised methods to address concerns such as stretch marks.

Additionally, our therapies may include lymphatic drainage to promote fluid balance and targeted attention to the upper and lower back to relieve tension and enhance overall serenity.

Experience nurturing support and calmness throughout your motherhood journey - enter your address in the search box at bottom of this page to find appropriately qualified therapists near you in London! 



A Perfect Treat for Mums-to-Be in London

Image of a newborn baby sleeping calmlyWe understand the importance of offering a tranquil oasis for mums-to-be in London. Our best pregnancy massages are the perfect treat to nurture your body and mind, providing a moment of total relaxation and rejuvenation.

Whether you're at the beginning of your second trimester or at the end of your pregnancy journey in your third trimester ... or have even recently given birth ... our service providers are here to ensure you receive the care and attention you deserve.

Our aim is to provide relief for expectant mums with a gentle, full-body massage experience.



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