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What is Sports Massage?

A sports massage session is a specialised type of massage treatment that aims to prevent and reduce injuries and discomfort associated with exercise.

Whether you're engaged in personal fitness training, weight lifting, or aerobic activities, these strenuous pursuits can often strain your muscles and scar tissue and lead to a sports injury. This can mean discomfort in your back, neck, legs or other parts of the body.

Enjoy the best sports massage London has to offer with our specifically designed therapies that target areas of tension and provide an effective way to reduce pain.



The Benefits of Sports Massage

Our sports therapy treatments offer numerous advantages for athletes and fitness enthusiasts:

Pain Relief

Our sports massage effectively targets tight muscles, reduces muscle soreness, and releases trigger points, providing effective relief from neck, back and leg aches and pains.


Injury Prevention and Recovery

By increasing blood flow and endurance, reducing the risk of further injuries, and minimising recovery time, our sports massage therapists can play a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing your athletic performance.


Muscle Relaxation

This treatment can help alleviate muscle tension during the build-up period before a sports event, promoting flexibility and preventing muscle tightness or future injuries. Relaxed muscles = better performance!


Swelling Reduction

Sports-related injuries can often cause swelling, tight areas and sore muscles. This can be effectively reduced through regular sports massage treatments, facilitating faster healing and recovery from injury.



How Does Sports Massage Actually Work?

Client receiving sports massage session for back and neck pain

Sports massage works by employing specialist bodywork techniques that focus on specific areas of tension in the body, commonly experienced by athletes and individuals engaging in physical activity. It focuses on addressing issues such as frozen shoulder, painful muscles, and referred pain caused by overuse or injuries. 

Through targeted regular treatment sessions, our trained and experienced therapists apply techniques like trigger point release using appropriate pressure combined with deep strokes to break down muscle knots.

This helps to ease pain and promote relaxation through increasing blood circulation.

Most people find their first treatment can help improve circulation, improve flexibility and accelerate the body's natural healing process, allowing your body to reduce swelling and recover faster from strenuous activities as well as improve performance during future activities.

Sports massage also stimulates your lymphatic flow and to that end shares similarities with our Lymphatic Drainage massage, both helping in the removal of metabolic waste and reducing swelling through better lymphatic circulation.

By addressing the underlying issues within soft tissue, a sports massage can promote improved muscle function, accelerated healing, and prevent future sports injuries.

Using these techniques and manipulation, our skilled therapists can help reduce shoulder pain, relax a stiff neck, and improve joint mobility or poor posture over a few sessions.

A comprehensive holistic approach that combines manipulation, stretching, and expert techniques to support your body's natural healing process and help you reach your peak performance levels!



Sports Massage vs Deep Tissue Massage

While both sports and deep tissue massage offer therapeutic benefits, they differ in their techniques and focus.

Deep tissue massage provides deep relaxation and applies pressure across the entire body, making it ideal for those seeking overall tension release.

On the other hand, our sports massage sessions take a more focused approach, specifically addressing how athletes benefit from particular ailments or injuries through remedial massage and soft tissue therapy.

If you're aiming to enhance athletic performance or treat a sports-related condition, choosing one of our skilled professional therapists that specialises in London sports massage therapy would probably be more suitable than deep tissue. A good example would be if you have lower back pain from lifting weights.



Can I Get Sports Massages in London?

If you're searching for a qualified practitioner for this type of therapy in London, we've got you covered!

Our convenient booking system allows you to find a London sports massage professional near you. Simply enter your postcode, and you can easily schedule a same-day appointment with a sports therapist for a personally tailored treatment, in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. We also visit office workers at companies often helping people recover after team building or sports days.




Why Getting this type of Therapy at Home makes Sense

After sustaining a sports injury during exercise, recreational sports or engaging in an extreme physical activity, your mobility and body motion may be limited. Opting for a mobile sports massage therapist to come to your home offers several advantages.

Not only does it save you from the hassle of travelling, but it also eliminates the risk of further damage to the injured area.

One of our mobile sports massage therapist arriving at customer's homeBy receiving a sports massage in the comfort of your own space, you can focus on playing sports pain free, reduce stress from unnecessary travelling and post-activity healing and recovery without strain.



The Best Sports Massage Therapy in London

If you're suffering from muscle stiffness or movement anxiety, take our advice and book a professional London sports massage therapist with us. 

We've been treating patients better since 2009. Our team consists of numerous highly skilled practitioners who are not only highly experienced in soft tissue manipulation, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release but also warm natured and easy to talk to.

Whether you're located in North, South, East, West, or Central London, our mobile therapists are available to provide you with an outstanding personalised treatment session, all in the comfort of your own home.

Book your sports massage session today with us to enjoy enhanced performance, relief from sports-related pain and injuries, and an improved overall sense of health and wellness.



Sports Massage Not For You?

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