Female masseuse performing Thai Massage stretching on a man


Female masseuse performing Thai Massage stretching on a man

What is Thai massage?

Although often referred to Thai massage, this treatment style is usually based on a number of well established Eastern massage and exercise techniques, from not only Thailand but also nearby areas such as Bali and Indonesia. Traditional yoga stretches which are popular in India and throughout the East are also incorporated. For this reason, this type of therapy is sometimes also called a Yoga massage or Thai Yoga massage. 

These yoga style massages are based on the philosophy and practises of yoga and are believed to be effective preventive methods from a range of common ailments such as tight or sore muscles, poor blood circulation and stiffness in joints. 

Your therapist will use his or her hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure to the important points along the energy lines of your body and also incorporate gentle assisted hatha yoga movements. 

You can opt to wear loose clothing for a dry Thai massage or be undressed to your own level of comfort for an oil-based Thai massage. Your massage will be usually be performed on the floor as most beds have a little too much bounce to effectively deliver the stretching elements of this therapy.

This treatment is one of our most commonly requested techniques with people coming back for more again and again, as they discover being gently stretched in ways they never before imagined. Book a Thai massage with us now and see how one of our qualified therapists can gently manipulate your body into its more supple form.


Is there a Thai massage therapist near me?

To find a Thai massage therapist in London near you now and book a visit simply head over to our booking system and enter your postcode.


Can I receive a Thai massage at home or in my hotel?

Absolutely! We recommend you find a place in your home or hotel room where you can lay out a sheet on the floor to receive your massage on.


Do I need any special equipment to receive a Thai yoga massage at home?

No special equipment is needed but if your therapist is able to offer walk-on massage, then they will need a wall nearby to use as support. We also recommend using a yoga mat on the floor as the padding for your treatment.


What are the benefits of Thai massage?


Thai massage has many of the same benefits as classic and deeper massage and in particular is believed to help:

  1. Loosen tight muscles; 
  2. promote blood circulation;
  3. increase joint flexibility; and
  4. Boost energy levels


How is a Thai massage at home different from visiting a Thai spa?

Booking a visiting mobile massage service means that your therapist will travel to your home or hotel. It simply makes life easier for you!