Treatment Types

Choose from a wide range of therapeutic massage styles - all for the same price!

Whether you seek utter relaxation (try Lomi Lomi massage) or a bespoke therapy to target a specific issue like sciatica, back pain or constipation - we have a treatment to suit!

All treatments are delivered to you, on-demand, in as little as one hour - to your home, hotel or office. Choose your treatment below!

Massage Pricing

Enjoy your massage treatment under a simple & straightforward pricing system - all day, every day. We do not increase prices during popular times!

60 minutes

The Starter


90 minutes

The Regular


120 minutes

The Treat


We offer some of the most competitive massage prices in London - whether home visiting or getting a massage treatment in a spa.

Our mobile massage therapists consistently receive praise and positive feedback.

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Most Popular In-Home Massage Treatments

Never had massage therapy before and wondering what to choose?

Or just curious about which massage treatments other customers in London book most?

Discover our 10 most popular treatment types when it comes to in-home massages and hotel massages in London.

In-Home Massage Treatments

The massage treatments above are all available on-demand, delivered by a professional therapist - to your home, hotel or office space in London in as little as 60 minutes.

Hygiene, delivering empathy filled massage therapies and starting and finishing your treatment without disturbing you are some of our greatest priorities - so making sure our therapists are full of positive energy (mental and physical) is key.

Our therapists are specifically trained to perform massage treatments on a normal bed or the floor - to the highest levels.

Discover all the reasons why our massage treatments in London are done this why - in this guide!

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