A mobile massage therapist walking through Battersea Park to get to her nearby customer in Clapham.


A mobile massage therapist walking through Battersea Park to get to her nearby customer in Clapham.

One of the most popular places to live in South London, if you want to be a stones throw from London’s west end and the City, are the towns of Clapham and Battersea. Situated just south of the river Thames and only a few minutes bus journey from flamboyant Chelsea, these two towns are excellent places to live and bring up children in an urban setting. Heaving with yummy mummies who love reflexology and pregnancy massages, it is not uncommon to see a mobile massage therapist walking the streets of Lambeth on their way to their next appointment.

Getting a massage at home in Clapham or Battersea

The bustling multi-ethnic areas of Clapham and Battersea are a wonderful testament to Londoners from all walks of life who live side by side in harmony. Large elegant Victorian homes worth millions of pounds stand alongside social housing projects for the less well off. The areas have also recently seen many large-scale residential developments of exclusive apartments overlooking the river Thames. If you are lucky enough to have one of Battersea's high-floor river facing apartments, there is no better way in London to enjoy your massage at home than leaving your blinds open and gazing at the river in the evening while your therapist massages your better! Everyone who lives in Lambeth always seems to be very busy, so being able to book a massage on demand at the very last moment is a great boon.

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The area probably needs a bit more retail and entertainment led development to match the huge recent investment in residential apartments. But with Chelsea just across the river, it is still pretty easy to enjoy some great shopping, dining and drinking within minutes from your home in Battersea or Clapham. People from Battersea seem to love keeping fit, so if you have been enjoying a few too many nights out, bear in mind that a series of home visit massages could help you to reduce cellulite in a discreet environment. 

Clapham has many low priced spas and Thai massage places located on its high street. Whilst these may offer a good option if you have little time to properly relax and just want a quick massage, you would most probably be much better off booking a therapeutic massage at home for the same cost and really treating yourself to proper relaxation and rejuvenation with a therapist who cares.


What kinds of mobile massage are available in Clapham and Battersea?

Both Clapham and Battersea, along with other nearby residential areas such as Wandsworth and Brixton, are all well served by London’s transport services. Located in zone 2, travel to these areas from central London is both quick and cheap, so mobile massage therapists do not charge a travel supplement to come to these areas. However, if you live a bit further away from a mainline or tube station, we recommend that you allow a little more than one hour's notice for your appointment, so that your masseuse has plenty of time to arrive on time. A more relaxed massage therapist is better able to serve a relaxing massage with both her hands and attitude. 

Most young professionals and families who live in this area, favour the SW11 and SW4 postcodes. These are also the most commonly booked zones for home visit massages in this region, but SW9 is becoming increasingly popular, especially with 30-something singles. 

The most popular massage types selected when people book a home visit massage service in Clapham are relaxing Swedish massage and pregnancy massage, probably reflecting the high concentration of young families and consequentially exhausted mothers that live in this area! Conversely, just a few minutes away in Battersea, sports massage and physio-style massage are the most popular bookings. With so many young professionals who enjoy running along the river and attending gruelling exercise boot camps in Battersea Park, it's no surprise that some remedial therapy is often called for afterwards.