Finding a mobile massage therapist in Croydon, Greater London on a dark winter's evening is possible


Finding a mobile massage therapist in Croydon, Greater London on a dark winter's evening is possible

Croydon is one of South London's the most popular areas in for booking mobile massage therapy at home. This is not surprising as it is one of the largest residential towns in London with many families and workers living in Central Croydon, East Croydon and West Croydon. The area has grown in popularity over the past 10 years and with this has come increasingly more requests for massage therapy to be delivered to homes in the area. There are great transport links to Victoria in South London and London Bridge in East London, with the journey taking under 20 minutes. This makes the area relatively easy for a mobile masseuse to travel to, even though the area is in Zone 6.

Croydon Mobile Massage Therapists

Most requests for visiting massage services in Croydon are for the centre of town or around the Wandle Park, Thornton Heath and Addiscombe areas. From time to time, there are also requests for the areas along Purley Way which runs towards South Croydon. Our therapists cover many parts of the overall area but it is worth bearing in mind that the tram line that runs through Croydon can be a little slow. So it is best to book your massage with as much notice as possible, especially if you live some distance away from the nearest train station.

There are a few big chain hotels operating in Croydon with Hilton having a couple of locations. None of the hotels located in Croydon have their own spa, so booking an outcall in-room hotel massage is the ideal solution if you are staying in one of these hotels.

The most common request massages styles in the Croydon area are Thai-Oil combo massage. This treatment is most often booked as a 2 hour booking. We think people who live around this popular South London town are a little more relaxed than those living in Central London and know how to treat themselves to a whole evening of indulgence at home. As well as the combo massage, another one of the most popular bookings for customers in Croydon is to get a Lomi Lomi massage at home. Once again, this is a great treatment to book for 2 hours as it enables you to fully wind down spiritually and physically with your home visit masseuse. 

Pregnancy massage and post-natal therapy are also really popular gifts booked for Croydon - we think it is because of the high concentration of young families in the area. Bringing up children in new and trendy Boxpark area (modelled on a similar area in Shoreditch) or the popular residential areas around the Whitgift Estate roads like Sandilands, Fitzjames and Grimwade Avenue and also Shirley Hills are all very popular with mothers or mums-to-be for booking a massage at home. 

Whilst there are not as many mobile massage therapists who travel to Croydon, if you book your therapeutic treatment well in advance you should be able to find a suitable therapist. It makes a lot of sense to book a longer treatment, such as 90 minutes or 120 minutes, to make the therapy at home really worth while. 


Which parts of Croydon can I get a mobile massage?

The central parts of Croydon are donated by the CR0 postcode district and this is by far the most popular area for mobile massage bookings in this region. Even though it is quite easy to travel to West Croydon or East Croydon from central London with fast trains from both Victoria and London Bridge, the cost of the journey and time taken to travel is a little more than central London areas and therefore most mobile massage therapists charge a small extra travel supplement of around £10 for the round trip. When you consider that this includes travel all the way to your home or hotel, this really is great value. 

Whilst not quite Croydon, several mobile massage therapists are also willing to travel to nearby Sutton and Cheam. Sutton is quite a large offshoot town and, along with nearby Cheam village, both are popular residential areas for people with young and growing families. Massage gift certificates are a really popular purchase choice in this area. When you spend most of every day caring for a large family, a birthday massage at home is probably one of the nicest surprises you could get!

Most therapists work from 07:00 to 23:30, seven days a week but for a further out area like Croydon, they may request that your massage treatment ends a bit earlier to enable them to be able to travel all the way back home. Therapists who offer mobile massage in this area do so with a true passion and willingness to travel ... but of course they also need to be able to get back home at a reasonable time.