Finding a mobile massage therapist around the Tower Bridge area of London


Finding a mobile massage therapist around the Tower Bridge area of London

Often confused with London Bridge but not the same, Tower Bridge is the next bridge further east along the river Thames and one of London's most iconic sights. The area around London Bridge is primarily City office space and mobile massage therapists are often called for office and event massage treatments on the go in this area, with chair-based neck and shoulder massages being one of the most popular. The area is also home to many popular tourist attractions like the London Dungeons, Tower Of London and the Shard. Catering for both business people and tourists, you will find a wide selection of high quality hotels in the area - all of which can also be visited by mobile massage therapists.

Tower Bridge Mobile Massage Therapists

If you are visiting the Tower Bridge area as a tourist and staying in one of the many nice hotels (from the luxurious Four Seasons hotel to great mid-end hotels like Novotel Tower Bridge), a really great way to end your day is to book an in-room hotel massage. Your mobile massage therapist can get to your hotel within 60 minutes, so you do not have to alter your impromptu plans for the day - just book an hour ahead! 

The most popular style of massage booked by customers visiting the attractions around Tower Bridge and London Bridge who were staying in a nearby hotel have been the classic Swedish massage. Because London attracts so many people from all around the world, it has become apparent that there are many names for this most popular massage style. People from America call it Esalen style massage whereas the French call it Californian and the Swedes actually call it classic massage. Getting confused? We were, so we summarised the many names of Swedish massage into one simple article. 

Another question often asked by tourists who are booking a massage therapist to visit their hotel room is whether and how much to tip. This of course is a very personal decision, just like massage itself, and our basic advice is that the only pressure you should ever feel from booking a massage is that of your therapist's hands on your body. 

If you are lucky enough to have a home overlooking Tower Bridge, or have booked into a hotel room which has that view, we highly recommend that you book your therapeutic massage for a time that the bridge is going up. That way, you can lie in the comfort of your own bedroom, playing your favourite massage music and as your mobile massage therapist starts to apply her relaxing touch to your body, you can look out the window and feel even more relaxed watching the beautiful sight of this huge bridge elegantly lifting to let sail boats pass.



Which types of visiting massage are available in Tower Bridge?

The SE1 postcode crosses the areas of Lambeth, Southwark and part of the City of London. Both Tower Bridge and London Bridge are located in this area. Lambeth and Southwark are highly populated urban areas with a large number of residential homes, very many of which are flats and apartments. You can find therapeutic massage services in and around Tower Bridge from Lambeth all the way across to the City of London area. 

As a central zone 1 part of London, many qualified mobile massage therapists also live within 60 minutes of Tower Bridge and therefore plenty of different massages can be booked for home delivery in these areas. There is no additional travel supplement, so even though it is quite expensive to live in this area, you can get your massage at home for great value. You can choose to have an early morning massage treatment as early as 07:00 or some relaxing therapy after work, with the latest available booking being at 10:30pm for an hour (latest finish time for mobile masseuses in this area is 23:30). 

Chair based office massages are also very popular in this area. Many forward thinking HR departments, who are looking to incentivise employees with a free massage treat book mobile massage therapists to attend special event. Offices also need to be aware of their responsibilities in respect of ensuring they minimise the risk of future work related injuries such as repetitive strain injury. One of the way many employers deal with this is by offering massages at the desk for workers who feel that they may be starting to suffer from keyboard overuse without a break.