A massage to your doorstep in London's Victoria area within 60 minutes


A massage to your doorstep in London's Victoria area within 60 minutes

In the heart of the famous Westminster district of London lies bustling Victoria which is popping with harried commuters and wandering tourists. Many people who have spent the day in Victoria end up feeling exhausted and getting a mobile massage is often the cure they need to feel better. A central hub for arrivals from around the UK and Europe with both the hugely busy Victoria train station and Victoria coach park, nestled amongst the many people walking the streets, you will often see mobile masseuses travelling to hotels and homes in this area to do massages.

Mobile Massage Therapists in London Victoria

Mobile massage therapy by The Massage Rooms's trusted therapists is a service in the London Victoria area which has been operating since 2009. The therapists have been treating tired Londoners better with a smile and great empathy - employing the key philosophy of doing real massage

From all the many different types of massage therapy available in London on an outcall basis, in Victoria requests for Asian massage styles are very popular. Thai massage tops the list of these but other popular styles often requested by residents of London's Victoria area are Shiatsu and Lomi Lomi.

Victoria is home to many cheap hotels, so if you have been lucky enough to get yourself a great deal on a hotel room, why not use the money you saved to book yourself a calming massage from only £50 per hour. If you can afford a top-end luxury hotel suite which can cost several hundred pounds per night in this area, then you are really lucky. But if you cannot, and have instead opted for a more modest 3-star hotel of which there are many in this area, consider spending another £65 to get 90 minutes of massage bliss delivered to your hotel room. That £65 could end up making you feel like you have been whisked away to a haven of luxury much more soothing than the expensive hotel suite. 

Remember also that whilst many places in Victoria offer in-room hotel massage services, these are often overpriced and difficult to book last minute. Consider instead booking your mobile massage using your phone, table or laptop within a couple of minutes. The great thing about London Victoria is that it is home to many professional mobile masseuse and is very central, so they can usually be with you in even less than 60 minutes.



Which areas of Victoria can you get a mobile massage in?

If you say SW1V to any Londoner, they will probably respond with Victoria. Some of England's most busy and popular sites are located in this area of Westminster. Busy living often leads to stress and anxiety and that appears to be a key reason why mobile massage therapy for people who are located in and around Victoria is very popular. 

As well as SW1V, popular districts for booking mobile massage therapy in the Victoria area are SW1P which is near the Houses of Parliament and Vauxhall Bridge, SW1E which covers the area between Victoria station and Buckingham Gate and also SW1W which is a largely residential part of London leading from Victoria towards Chelsea. We often receive bookings in this area from people from all around the world, with deep tissue massage treatments at home being especially popular with customers originating from the Arab countries in the Gulf region as well as Russia, France and Italy. 


Working long hours in a busy environment like Westminster can be exhausting for even the fittest of people. Being able to book a massage at home at the last minute can be a welcome relief. But if you find yourself working from early in the morning to late in the evening, you might think you do not have time to fit in such luxuries as a therapeutic massage? Think again, because in these popular areas of London, you can find experienced outcall massage therapists seven days a week from 07:00 to 23:30. It only takes a couple of minutes to enter your address details to identify which masseuses can visit you at home. You can then easily check to see if any of the variety of different treatments that they offer are suitable for you.