Team of mobile massage therapists in london


Simple, convenient and ideal for busy London lifestyles, mobile massage is holistic therapy delivered to your doorstep. Select a friendly professional massage therapist to visit you in the comfort of your own home or hotel. No need to wonder if there is a massage place near you, our therapists can come to you in as little as 60 minutes. Simply enter your postcode and see which therapists cover your area.

Team of mobile massage therapists in london

How does mobile massage in London work?

If you are wondering whether there is a massage service near me, you might be surprised to find that one of our team of qualified mobile massage therapists is nearer than you think. For the ultimate in relaxation therapy, get your massage delivered!

Mobile masseuses (also known as outcall therapists) visit you at your home or in your hotel room to carry out high-quality professional massage therapy. Depending on your location in London, a therapist could be with you in as little as one hour. When you need to wind down and relax, London's busy streets and restricted parking usually means it is less stressful to order a therapist who can travel to you.

Choose from a wide range of experienced, qualified and trained masseuses who live and work all around London. Practitioners travel by public transport to ensure the simplest and quickest route to your home or hotel room. 

Your mobile massage therapist will bring high-quality massage oil, music and of course the skills and experience to carry out a top-quality real massage. They can visit you right now, later today or any date in the future. If you want a massage as soon as possible, then use the Massage Me Now option. 

For the sake of speed and practicality, and to arrive with good energy for your treatment, many outcall massage therapists do not carry massage tables with them. Often uncomfortable, awkward and unhygienic, it is often just simpler and better if you spend a few minutes in advance to prepare. This means your therapist can focus on delivering therapeutic massage rather than delivering a table.

Enter your postcode online to discover which qualified massage therapists are near you and available. Once you have booked your chosen treatment, you can just lie back and wait for your therapist to arrive. Before you know it, your local masseuse or masseur could be massaging you better in your bedroom, lounge or hotel room!

Which Areas Of London Are Covered?

Mobile massage treatments can be delivered to all parts of London from zone 1 to zone 6. Each therapist chooses their own preferred areas and postcode coverage, which is usually based around where they live and can travel to within 1 hour. The diagram below shows all the areas of London that are covered as a whole followed by the Top 15 most popular areas for booking mobile massage treatments. As you can see, mobile masseuses are able to visit almost all parts of London including areas like Surbiton and Lewisham as well as the most popular zones shown in the table below.

London areas where mobile massage offered

London's Top 15 Areas For Home Visit Massages

1. Kensington
2. Camden Town
3. Canary Wharf
4. Croydon
5. Chelsea
6. Tower Bridge
7. Clapham & Battersea
8. Hampstead
9. Victoria
10. Wembley
11. Richmond
12. Shoreditch & Hoxton
13. Stratford
14. Wimbledon
15. Heathrow

Is massage therapy at home better than visiting a spa?

We are confident that you will love your home visit mobile massage in London or the Home Counties. Many customers never visit a spa again after enjoying the comfort and convenience of a visiting massage service. 

The table above shows the 15 most popular areas of London for mobile massage treatments, but many other areas are also covered by professional travelling therapists. Areas as far apart as suburban Surbiton in Surrey and Enfield in North London are all regularly visited. 


4 Great Reasons To Book Mobile Therapy

Stress Free

Avoid the stress of travelling through London to a spa. When your massage is over - you only need to ... relax. No need to worry about travelling back home again. Leave that to your therapist instead.


Sidestep dirty spa rooms, sheets and poorly washed towels. With an outcall massage you simply use your own.

Great Value

If you live in central London, treatments start at just £50 including travel. That is not only easier than travelling to a spa but often cheaper too.


Avoid queues and waiting rooms. Even if your therapist is running a little late, she will let you know and you can continue to relax in your own environment.


Still Not Sure?

Now that you know what a mobile massage in London is, if you are still feeling a bit unsure about booking one have a look at our 9 Embarrassing Questions or more general FAQs. Hopefully any outstanding questions will be answered there. It is quite normal to have questions, especially if you have not had a massage at home before.

Check out recent customer feedback to read independent comments from established regulars as well as people trying a massage at home for the very first time. Most people are very pleasantly surprised at how much easier and better a mobile service is for them than visiting a spa.