Team of mobile massage therapists in london


Simple, convenient and ideal for busy lifestyles, mobile massage is a service where therapeutic treatments are delivered to your doorstep instead of you travelling to a spa or massage centre. You no longer need to wonder if there is a place to get a massage near you. We work with a large number of highly experienced, professionally skilled massage therapists who can visit you in the comfort of your own home. The mobile therapists on our platform cover all of London between them and can be with you as soon as 60 minutes after you confirm a booking. They can visit hotels and offices too. Simply enter your postcode in the booking system to discover which of our excellent massage therapists can visit you.

Team of mobile massage therapists in london


London is a big and busy city.

When you need to relax your mind or release tension in a muscle strain, the last thing you want to do is search for a spa somewhere in London.

Fighting your way through the commuter rush hour on public transport or struggling to find parking are more likely to increase stress rather than help calm nerves. Choosing a mobile therapist who can visit you at home offers some clear advantages.


Stress Free

Avoid the stress of travelling completely. Book your massage online in less than 60 seconds. Welcome your selected therapist into your home as little as one hour after booking. Once your therapeutic massage is complete, simply lie back and continue to relax. Leave the stress of travelling to your therapist.



Your home, your comfort. Sidestep cold spa rooms, annoying music or unhygienic sheets and towels. At home, you set the mood for your massage. Follow our guide to setting up your room to enjoy your treatment to the fullest.


Great Value

If you live in London, home visit treatments start at just £50 for an hour, including travel to you. Getting a mobile massage in London can therefore be easier and cheaper than visiting a spa.


Trusted Therapists

Avoid being allocated a therapist without knowing anything about them in advance. With a large team of trusted and extensively tested mobile therapists, you can rest assured you will get a great massage at home. Read therapist profiles online before you book and choose the therapist most suited to your requirements.



You can see from the map below that mobile massage treatments can be delivered to all parts of London from the very centre of Zone 1 to the outskirts of Zone 6. So whether you live in the popular residential area of Fulham in central London or are after some mobile massage therapy in the leafy suburbs of Surbiton, there is probably a mobile therapist nearby you right now!


London areas where mobile massage offered



The table below shows the parts of London which had the most requests for on-demand massages to be delivered to homes or hotels in 2018

Posn. Area Detail
1 Kensington Read more about massage in Kensington
2 Camden Town Read more about massage in Camden Town
3 Canary Wharf Read more about massage in Canary Wharf
4 Croydon Read more about massage in Croydon
5 Chelsea Read more about massage in Chelsea
6 Tower Bridge Read more about massage in Tower Bridge
7 Clapham & Battersea Read more about massage in Clapham & Battersea
8 Hampstead Read more about massage in Hampstead
9 Victoria Read more about massage in Victoria
10 Wembley Read more about massage in Wembley
11 Richmond Read more about massage in Richmond
12 Shoreditch & Hoxton Read more about massage in Shoreditch & Hoxton
13 Stratford Read more about massage in Stratford
14 Wimbledon Read more about massage in Wimbledon
15 Heathrow Read more about massage in Heathrow
SOURCE: The Massage Rooms

To find out which mobile therapists can visit you on-demand today, simply enter your postcode into the online booking system and you will be shown all available therapists in your area.




Put simply, on-demand massage is wellness delivered to you immediately when you want it.

Living in a dynamic urban environment like London is both hugely exciting and tiring. Constant demands on your time from work and social life means that planning time for yourself can be difficult. More often than not, you find yourself cancelling that 'me-time' moment to meet yet another urgent work deadline or to accept a spontaneous invite to some drinks. Such is city life!

This where is on-demand services step in. On-demand massage means that you can book a massage on the fly, for immediate delivery.

No longer do you need to worry about booking a massage a week ahead or having to cancel at the last moment. With our Massage Me Now service, you can book your home visit treatment at the very last moment. Just finished work and have some unexpected free time this evening? Book yourself a relaxing massage at home using your mobile on the way home. If you time it well, you and your therapist could arrive at your front door together. Or perhaps you have woken up at 7am feeling a bit groggy? Simply grab your mobile phone, tablet or computer and select one of the mobile therapists to visit you within the hour.

Mobile massage therapists on our platform are ready and able to reach addresses in London with as little as 60 minutes notice. Just select the Massage Me Now (ASAP) option when choosing your time and your selected therapist will be told to start travelling to your home or hotel immediately.

On-demand massage - wellness brought to you in 60 minutes or less!



So now you know on-demand mobile massage in London is.

If you are still feeling a bit unsure about what a massage at home is really like or perhaps have a question you are too embarrassed to ask then these articles should help. Alternatively see what other customers have frequently been asking and you will probably see that your question is completely normal.

For some assurance on the quality of treatments offered by therapists on this platform, you can read recent customer feedback which includes many testimonials from first time customers. Most people are very pleasantly surprised at how better a mobile massage delivered on-demand than their initial expectations.