Team of mobile massage therapists in london


Team of mobile massage therapists in london

Mobile massage is a service in which therapists perform therapeutic massage at your place. This can be at your own home, in a hotel room, at an office or even in a marquee or other location as part of an event. Simple, convenient and ideal for busy lifestyles, on-demand mobile massage therapists can arrive within an hour in London. All of the most popular style types of massage are available as mobile treatments, so read on to discover more.



Whether you are feeling physical tension from tight muscles or suffering emotional anxiety as a result of mounting mental pressures, a fundamental aim of massage is to provide relaxation.

In a hectic and demanding city like London, it is easy to understand why so many people feel that they might benefit from a massage from time to time.

However, going to a massage spa in London and back home is often a stress increasing experience itself. From negotiating your way through crowds of commuters rushing in every direction to braving the elements, noise and pollution, people often find that much of the benefits of visiting a spa for a massage were wiped out by the time they made it back home.

A mobile massage can offer the following advantages, especially in a busy city environment. Best of all you can get all the most popular types of massage on a mobile basis.


Stress Free

Mobile therapists travel to your place. You therefore avoid all the stress of travelling through London completely. Simply book a massage online in less than 60 seconds and then sit back and wait for your masseuse to arrive. When your treatment is finished, you can just lie back and continue to benefit from your relaxation therapy.



At your own place you can prepare the room for your massage to your own liking. Set your preferred room temperature, put on your favourite music and light candles with or without a scent. Shower in your own space and use towels that have been cleaned to your standards. A mobile massage is not only physically stress free but mentally comforting too.


Great Value

In London you can book a mobile massage from just £50 for an hour including travel. In fact, the cost of getting a 90-minute massage delivered to your home through The Massage Rooms is usually cheaper than most London spas.


Trusted Therapists

Unlike most spas, The Massage Rooms platform allows you to first check out detailed therapist profiles online so that you can read about each available therapist and select your preferred one before you confirm a booking.

Then sit back and relax in the comfort that the outcall masseuse that will visit you has not only been extensively tested by us but also the exact one you selected.



You can see from the map below that mobile massages can be delivered all over London. Between them, our trusted team of outcall therapists cover all zones from Zone 1 to Zone 6.

So whether you live in trendy central London Fulham or need some mobile massage therapy in the leafy suburbs of Surbiton, we have a mobile therapist who can visit you right now.


London areas where mobile massage offered

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SOURCE: The Massage Rooms

To find out which mobile therapists can visit you on-demand today, simply enter your postcode into the online booking system and you will be shown all available therapists in your area.




On-demand massage simply means treatments are available with little or no notice period. You can book when you want it, rather than days in advance.

Traditionally a whole range of services from taxis to massage had to be ordered well in advance. Since the early 2000’s however many such services have been modernised to meet the changing demands of increasingly time stretched customers.

Today it is not only possible, but actually more usual to book a taxi at the very last moment when it is actually required. Taxi companies which offer this option are known as on-demand services, with the most famous being Uber.

Similarly, massage providers such as The Massage Rooms offer on-demand massage services allowing customers to book a massage at the very last moment. The Massage Rooms has offered on-demand massage since 2009.

Mobile massage therapists on this platform are ready to receive on demand bookings and can be with you within the next hour. Just select the Massage Me Now (ASAP) option when choosing your time and your selected therapist will be instructed to go to your home or hotel immediately.

On-demand massage is wellness brought to you when you need it.



Now you know what mobile massage is and also how on-demand massage works.

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Finally, we suggest you read through recent customer feedback as you will see that many customers have commented on how pleasantly surprised they were after their first mobile massage.