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Mobile massage is a service whereby professional therapists deliver therapeutic massage therapy to homes, hotels, offices. This saves you the trouble of travelling to a spa and back.

Yes, you can legally have a massage at home in the UK. All our therapists are professionally trained and qualified, ensuring your safety and enjoyment of a therapeutic wellness session.

Mobile massage in London costs £59 for a 60-minute treatment, £80 for a 90-minute treatment, and £110 for a 120-minute treatment. For more details, check out our post on UK massage cost.

Yes, we offer discount codes for treatments lasting 90 minutes or more. For the latest deals, visit our discount codes page.

Simply head over to the booking system, enter your postcode and you will be able to book a massage in 60 seconds.

Yes you can. You can read individual therapist profiles by clicking the small i under the therapist's photo during the booking process and then selecting your favourite.

You can choose your preferred surface, whether it's a massage table, bed, or floor, for your comfort. Many clients prefer this personalised option. Learn about your massage surface options.

Your therapist brings everything you need. Prepare your room to enhance your experience. Discover how to prepare your room.

The most popular duration for a full body massage is 90 minutes, but it depends on your preference. Find out about massage durations.

You can select specific body parts for focus during booking. Leave out any you prefer not to be massaged. Learn how to customise your massage focus areas.

A full body massage offers various benefits, including stress reduction and muscle tension release. Explore the benefits of a full body massage.

Explore different massage types, from relaxation to deep tissue therapy. Discover the ideal massage for your first time.

It is a good idea to take a warm shower a short while before your massage therapist arrives. This will both cleanse and warm your body, as well as shift your mind to a slightly more relaxed state, preparing you for the treatment.

To ensure your comfort, it's best to avoid eating or drinking right before your massage but it's good to hydrate after. Learn why sipping water after your massage therapy is beneficial.

For oil-based massages, undress to your comfort level and cover with a towel. Learn more about what to wear during your massage.

Absolutely! Feel free to play your own music during your massage for a personalised and relaxing experience. Get tips on suitable music for massage.

It’s usually best to close your eyes, lie back and relax during your massage. But, it’s up to you. Do speak up immediately if you feel uncomfortable in any way. Massage therapists are trained to listen and adapt their treatments to the best needs of each client.

While massages are empathetic, hugging the therapist isn't considered appropriate. Discover 5 alternative ways to bond with your therapist.

Of course! Feel free to use the bathroom anytime during your massage. Just let your therapist know and they will adjust their treatment around your needs for a seamless experience.

Our therapists undergo extensive trade tests before joining our platform. As a result, we believe we have some of London's best mobile massage therapists. Read our customer reviews and feedback.

Tipping is entirely at your discretion. Our therapists aim to make you feel only one kind of pressure - the deeply relaxing one from their massages. Learn more about tipping etiquette in the UK.

The benefits of massage therapy accumulate over time, so regular sessions are more important than frequency. Ideally, once a week is excellent, but we recommend not having more than three intensive deep tissue massages in a week.

Massage therapy is generally safe and comforting for most people. However, it's essential to consider your personal circumstances. If any of the following apply to you, please provide details in the comments box during checkout:
  • Allergies
  • Recent surgery
  • Alcohol or drug consumption in the last 24 hours
  • Medical conditions or injuries
If unsure, consult with your doctor before booking. Learn more about when not to have a massage.

Pregnancy massage is safe after the first trimester. During the first three months, please refrain from getting a massage unless you have written approval from your doctor. To ensure your comfort and safety, select 'Pregnancy' in the Style dropdown menu during booking; our system will automatically match you with qualified pregnancy massage therapists. Learn more about safety considerations for massage during pregnancy..

Yes, you can. Explore the best option for a couples spa day at home by booking one therapist for 2 hours and splitting the time between the two of you. Learn more about couples massages..

Absolutely, we understand that plans change. If you need to cancel, please provide your therapist with as much notice as possible by letting us know by replying to the booking confirmation text message you received.

There are no known serious side affects from getting a good quality massage. You may feel a little lightheaded and emotional or experience some soreness in your muscles the day after getting a massage. These are natural reactions to being massaged well and usually nothing to worry about. Learn more about pain felt after a massage.

In the interests of best hygiene we ask our customers to provide one or two large clean towels for their treatment. Would you really want to use a towel provided by your mobile therapist, from a bag stuffed full with others?

We do not have a physical address that customers can visit as we provide our massage services on a mobile basis to your home, hotel or office. We have therapists operating across all of London and some surrounding areas. Learn more about our service areas.

We connect you with experienced remedial health professionals in London. Our therapists offer therapeutic, real massage services on demand, focusing on genuine health benefits for your body and mind. Their skilled, empathetic touch ensures a safe and non-invasive experience. Learn more about our real massage services.

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